12/30/16 Wall Street Crossword Answers

12/31/16 Wall Street Crossword Answers

Thank you for choosing our site! We have just finished solving all the 12/31/16 Wall Street Crossword clues and we have decided to share with you below. In case something is wrong or missing kindly leave a comment below and one of our staff members will be more than happy to help you out. Please note that this crossword puzzle is part of the daily Wall Street Crossword.


…baked in ___’ APIE
Beat it!’ AMSCRAY
Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered’ musical PALJOEY
Chocolat’ director Hallstrom LASSE
Goodness!’ ISAY
I almost forgot…’ OHYES
If I may interrupt…’ AHEM
Stand’ band REM
This is terrible!’ IHATEIT
What’s this!’ OHO
Yeah sure’ IBET
1 from Fla. to Me RTE
About six trillion mi LTYR
Afghan constitution? YARN
An insect for instance ANAGRAM
Angry orations TIRADES
Anti-apartheid activist Steve BIKO
Attention-getting calls YOOHOOS
Avenue border perhaps ELMS
Balance part TRAY
Banks often? LIENBACKERS
Bayh of Indiana EVAN
Beginning for boy or girl ATTA
Bethlehem product STEEL
Bob’s wife on ‘Bob’s Burgers’ LINDA
Brings in EARNS
Buff FIT
Calls for NEEDS
Clean Water Act org EPA
Clement FAIR
Co. commander CEO
Collectible cars REOS
Colombian drug lord Pablo ESCOBAR
Contributes ADDS
Cowl wearer FRIAR
Crayola color renamed ‘peach’ FLESH
Cunning move PLOY
Deli choice RYE
Detail map INSET
Disconcert ABASH
Disney collectible CEL
Downwind ALEE
Earthy pigment OCHER
Easily broken duck decoy? CERAMICTEAL
Entry in le dictionnaire MOT
Epps of USA’s ‘Shooter’ OMAR
Eurasian deer ROE
Extreme rancor VENOM
Felix’s roomie OSCAR
Fence-crossing spot STILE
Flax seed capsules BOLLS
Forceful push SHOVE
Futbol cheer OLE
Gas for one PEDAL
Hangs around LOITERS
Happy as ___ ACLAM
Have a hankering ACHE
Head-scratcher POSER
Helipad site ROOFTOP
Home of the Wichita Mtns OKLA
Hurler Hershiser OREL
Impressive to behold ARRESTING
Indy 500 racer for 35 consecutive years AJFOYT
Insect appendage PALP
Insecticide in a way? LEAFPRESERVER
Invader of the Balkans ATTILA
Jacks and jennies ASSES
Landon and others ALFS
Laszlo of cosmetics ERNO
Letter’s counterpart LEGAL
Letters eight after omicrons PSIS
Letters eight before omicrons ETAS
Like a port AGED
Like missile trajectories ARCHING
Loaves and fishes in a Bible story? MIRACLEMEAL
Lustful deity SATYR
Major Calif. newspaper LATIMES
Makeup of some Mediterranean groves OLIVETREES
Mamie Eisenhower and Herbert Hoover by birth IOWANS
Mare fare OATS
Marshal Dillon’s portrayer ARNESS
Matthew of ‘The Americans’ RHYS
Neighborhood AREA
Nicholas Gage memoir ELENI
Ninny’s lack HORSESENSE
Noted spokescow ELSIE
Old crone HAG
One of Perry’s reporters LOIS
Ones in crow’s-nests perhaps LOOKOUTS
Opposite side ENEMY
Org. for females since 1855 YWCA
Org.’s kin ASSN
Overthrow for example ERR
Party platter assortment CHEESES
PC corner key CTRL
Photographer Leibovitz ANNIE
Pipsqueak on parole? FREEDSHRIMP
Place for piracy HIGHSEA
Prepared for a shock BRACED
Red of comedy SKELTON
Respiratory woe ASTHMA
Rib cage location CHEST
Ristorante beverage VINO
Royal from 112-Across RANEE
Run-down RATTY
Rustling sound from a Kansas field? WHEATNOISE
Sass LIP
Schoolteacher hanged in 1776 HALE
Season for le Tour de France ETE
See 102-Across INDIA
Sinuous swimmers EELS
Slammer STIR
Small annoyance for Smaug? DRAGONFLEA
Some 35mm cameras SLRS
Somewhat informally KINDA
Sound from cornets HARDC
Souvenir shop buy TEE
Spanish noble DON
Spoken ORAL
Sprawl lazily LOLL
Squishy chairs BEANBAGS
Stressful spot HOTSEAT
Studio with a Pegasus logo TRISTAR
Suggest OPINE
Supporting arguments PROS
Take a spin TWIRL
Terry Collins manages them METS
That’s a wrap SARAN
The Ponderosa e.g RANCH
Total e.g CEREAL
Undiluted NEAT
University of Maine town ORONO
Used a strop on HONED
Viscount e.g PEER
Wd. unit SYL
West Wing worker AIDE
When it’s dark in Dortmund NACHT
Words with dare or tear ONA
Yuletide purchase perhaps FIR
Zenith ACME
___ pork (Chinese restaurant dish) MOOSHU
___-relief BAS