12/30/16 Wall Street Crossword Answers

1/21/17 Wall Street Crossword Answers

Thank you for choosing our site! We have just finished solving all the 1/21/17 Wall Street Crossword clues and we have decided to share with you below. In case something is wrong or missing kindly leave a comment below and one of our staff members will be more than happy to help you out. Please note that this crossword puzzle is part of the daily Wall Street Crossword.


Mistletoe event KISS
Pot starter ANTE
Kind of stock NOPAR
Vain display EGOTRIP
Incision indication SCAR
Clumsy me! OOPS
In the manner of ALA
Apiece PER
Montreal Olympics sweetheart NADIA
Helvetica look-alike ARIAL
Cheers barkeep SAM
Two-way man crush BROMANCE
Bank take-backs REPOS
MetLife competitor AETNA
Title role for Streisand YENTL
Gloria’s role in “Sunset Boulevard” NORMA
Prince Valiant’s son ARN
Wrinkle remover IRON
Art exhibit embarrassment FAKE
Ending for elephant or serpent INE
Monet’s workplace ATELIER
Worked a wedding reception DJED
Met melodies SOLI
Not that THIS
Bedouin e.g. ARAB
Pokemon Go and the like FADS
Xenophobic policy NATIVISM
Getting hitched? ENLISTING
Label TAG
Unforested tract STEPPE
Period POINT
MacDowell of “Groundhog Day” ANDIE
Duma denial NYET
Neighborhood AREA
Papal throne site BASILICA
Hula accompaniment UKE
Takes a look at a Nook READS
Penn Sta. info ARR
Luck be ___ tonight… ALADY
Compact disc? MIRROR
Peter of “Casbah” LORRE
Radio studio light ONAIR
Oberon’s queen TITANIA
Shipping cushion FOAM
Youngster TOT
Old map letters SSR
Crash consultant TECH
Mauna ___ LOA
Zodiac unit SIGN
Haydn sobriquet PAPA
His ___ (cribbage jack) NOBS
Arizona river GILA
Inuit transport SLED
Sites for childish behavior? PLAYPENS
Patella’s place KNEE
Nile vipers ASPS
Refund check org. IRS
Whirlpool brand AMANA
Best Picture directed by Hitchcock REBECCA
Traveling company TROUPE
Tools for duels FOILS
Vacant as a flat UNLET
Nintendo princess ZELDA
Maestro Mehta ZUBIN
Earth Day month APRIL
Punched DUKED
End for vapour or colour ISE
Patriot Allen ETHAN
Exhibit excitement PANT
Annoys IRKS
Litter’s littlest RUNT
Greek vowels ETAS
Hard to hold onto EELY
With 14-Across three-time Super Bowl MVP TOM
Hotfoot reaction YOW
Domino’s order PIE
Clinton running mate KAINE
Shower bar? SOAP
Apprehends NABS
See 117-Down BRADY
Disguised for short INCOG
Eldest of the outlaw Younger brothers COLE
Met melody ARIA
Volleyball ace Gabrielle REECE
Brake in the most ideal way? STOPONAPARADIGM
Agree to participate OPTIN
Hill honchos SENATORS
Music org. that sues pirates RIAA
Right away boss! IMONIT
Elementary education familiarly RRR
Need for a last glide behind the boat? FINALPARASAIL
Spring ahead hrs. DST
Devotee’s declaration IMAFAN
Harrow rival ETON
They tweet in the bathroom? JOHNPARAKEETS
Env. extra ENC
Character with pipes and horns PAN
Marlon’s 1950s director ELIA
Citric beverage ADE
Dating from birth NATAL
Deep lustrous black EBONY
Morocco neighbor ALGERIA
White House figure AIDE
Prez before Jack IKE
Hosp. scan MRI
Zest source PEEL
Pique condition? SNIT
Instantaneous attraction to a freeloader? LOVEATFIRSTPARASITE
Jazz author Morrison TONI
Christian in the fashion business DIOR
Football propeller TOE
WWW connector DSL
Significant stretches ERAS
Like a cloudless night STARLIT
Agent networks SPYRINGS
Make waves in CRIMP
___ for the Misbegotten AMOON
Sportage maker KIA
Slinky essentially COIL
2013 Spike Jonze movie HER
PC-linking system LAN
Allegory taught in an anger management class? RAGINGPARABLE
___ were… ASIT
Change a handle say RENAME
Down SAD
Utopia for a teddy bear? FUZZYPARADISE
Fiver face ABE
Piece of work OPUS
Maine flag feature PINETREE
Imagine that! ILLBE
Lifesaver for a birdbrained skydiver? TURKEYPARACHUTE
Served as an usher LEDIN
Mayberry moppet OPIE
Cry from a sty OINK
Gondola setting CANAL
Mikita and Musial STANS
Blend MELD
Hoses down WETS
Fidgeting ANTSY