12/30/16 USA Today Crossword Answers

3/5/17 USA Today Crossword Answers

Thank you for choosing our site! We have just finished solving all the 3/5/17 USA Today Crossword clues and we have decided to share with you below. In case something is wrong or missing kindly leave a comment below and one of our staff members will be more than happy to help you out. Please note that this crossword puzzle is part of the daily USA Today Crossword.


Bornean ape briefly ORANG
Ernie’s Muppet pal BERT
Pocket as a billiard ball SINK
Roll out the red carpet for HONOR
Bassoon’s smaller cousin OBOE
Any minute to a bard ANON
Tropical fruit in smoothies MANGO
Source of dietary fiber BRAN
Prompter’s whisper LINE
Feature of a shotgun barrel SMOOTHBORE
Machu Picchu native INCA
Pekingese or Pomeranian TOY
Lost on purpose TANKED
Try to win VIEFOR
So last year PASSE
Wine center near Turin ASTI
Soft ball brand NERF
Tacked on ADDED
Miracle team of 1969 METS
Gooey treat at a campfire SMORE
Playbill datum ROLE
V sign’s meaning PEACE
Fan fave IDOL
Many a cruise stop ISLE
States firmly AVERS
Come into view APPEAR
Mass confusion BEDLAM
Poker great Ungar STU
Ars Amatoria poet OVID
Hard thing to accept BITTERPILL
King of tragedy LEAR
___ from Muskogee (Haggard tune) OKIE
Marconi’s medium RADIO
Paquin of “X-Men” movies ANNA
Mark for removal DELE
Makes level EVENS
For men only STAG
Dixie pronoun YALL
Newsroom fixtures DESKS
Resistance units OHMS
Go hither and yon ROAM
A.D. part ANNO
Scrapped at NASA NOGO
Isle of Capri attraction GROTTO
Canterbury cop BOBBY
River of Aragon EBRO
Laugh heartily ROAR
Religious beliefs TENETS
How confident solvers solve ININK
For the ___ (temporarily) NONCE
Do a pizzeria chore KNEAD
Dilemma duo HORNS
___ rule (ordinarily) ASA
Screen seductress VAMP
Understood ISEE
Kett of old comics ETTA
Cause of deflationary pressure on the economy FISCALDRAG
Cattle zappers PRODS
Early Jesse Jackson hairdo AFRO
Kuwaiti honcho EMIR
Two caplets say DOSE
Enchanted girl of kid-lit ELLA
In the headlights animal DEER
Make euphoric ELATE
Longoria of “Desperate Housewives” EVA
Be the best example of EMBODY
Ran smoothly as an engine PURRED
Gauchos’ cow catchers BOLAS
Decathlon part EVENT
Ross of Motown DIANA
Carnegie’s industry STEEL
Assemble-it-yourself furniture chain IKEA
Cash drawer TILL
Lay blacktop on PAVE
Fateful day for Caesar IDES
Clickable text LINK
Red-ink entry LOSS