12/30/16 USA Today Crossword Answers

3/18/17 USA Today Crossword Answers

Thank you for choosing our site! We have just finished solving all the 3/18/17 USA Today Crossword clues and we have decided to share with you below. In case something is wrong or missing kindly leave a comment below and one of our staff members will be more than happy to help you out. Please note that this crossword puzzle is part of the daily USA Today Crossword.


Missing dog in an Inge play SHEBA
Phishing e.g. SCAM
Fill-in for a striker SCAB
1972 Elton John hit LEVON
___-mutuel betting PARI
Like auto shop floors OILY
Standing at attention ERECT
Many microbrews ALES
Brigadier general’s insignia STAR
Racking up overtime perhaps WORKINGLATE
Angst-ridden music genre EMO
Carnival city for short RIO
Points an accusing finger at RATSON
Greg with four consecutive Cy Youngs MADDUX
Popeye’s nemesis BLUTO
Name after “AKA” ALIAS
Gets the point of SEES
Hang in the balance PEND
Needing mending TORN
City retaken in July of 1944 CAEN
Sporty Chevy for short VETTE
Clumsy as an ox INEPT
Concert halls e.g. VENUES
Round-buyer’s pickup BARTAB
Ghostly pale WAN
To a . . . work ODE
Impossible task so to speak HERDINGCATS
J’accuse author Emile ZOLA
Garmin line ROAD
Author George who was a woman ELIOT
The Plague city ORAN
Attend as an event GOTO
Ruffles potato chip feature RIDGE
Like the Beatles’ Sadie SEXY
Depict with a bias SKEW
Muscle cramp e.g. SPASM
Did in as a dragon SLEW
Medal recipient HERO
Partner of anon EVER
Dark German beer BOCK
Corrosion-inhibiting ANTIRUST
Wolfgang Puck eatery SPAGO
Put’s opposite on Wall Street CALL
Calculus calculation AREA
Regard with suspicion MISTRUST
Brillo alternative SOS
Quotes as a source CITES
Where Bowie fell ALAMO
Justice “Whizzer” White formally BYRON
Give the thumbs-down to NIX
Post-grace exhortation EAT
Letterman list items TOPTEN
Crow’s-nest locale MAST
Iams competitor ALPO
Christian of fashion DIOR
Sire biblically BEGET
Like Jack Sprat’s diet LEAN
End as a losing streak SNAP
Rebuke to Brutus ETTU
Part of a triad NOTE
Is sufficient DOES
North Atlantic hazards ICEBERGS
Emma Peel’s show with “The” AVENGERS
Casual turndown NAH
Ryder rental VAN
Knuckleheads BOZOS
Love to pieces ADORE
Chill out RELAX
Lehar’s “The Merry ___” WIDOW
Corner piece ROOK
eHarmony.com linkup perhaps DATE
Bit of film CLIP
Slave girl of opera AIDA
What you’re wearing TOGS
Wind-up watch part STEM
___ takers? ANY