12/30/16 Universal Crossword Answers

1/8/17 Universal Crossword Answers

Thank you for choosing our site! We have just finished solving all the 1/8/17 Universal Crossword clues and we have decided to share with you below. In case something is wrong or missing kindly leave a comment below and one of our staff members will be more than happy to help you out. Please note that this crossword puzzle is part of the daily Universal Crossword.


Male archer BOWMAN
Chris Davis for one ORIOLE
One working a torch WELDER
Miner’s paydirt LODE
Pertaining to the feel of a fabric TEXTURAL
Big commotion ADO
Established religious ceremony RITE
Pens that are a mess STIES
It could be your shot in the arm ANTITOXIN
Handed-down tales LORE
Letters that go around on the road PSI
Cool to the older cats HEP
They follow theme songs often ADS
Approximation (Abbr.) EST
Trim a photograph CROP
Low-lying wetland MARSH
Gridiron unit YARD
It provides an inflated feeling of pride EGO
Male or female e.g. SEX
River of Missouri OSAGE
Premiere DEBUT
Palindromic doctrine TENET
What ushers hand out sometimes PLAYBILLS
Discharge from the RAF DEMOB
Paperwork task FILE
Worked farmland in a way HARROWED
Was finally in the swing? SAT
Thrilla in Manila figure ALI
Inexact amount SOME
Equally scarce ASRARE
Metcalf or Piper LAURIE
Mortgage provider LENDER
Ski run of densely packed snow PISTE
Andy’s doll counterpart ANN
Aspen lift TBAR
No-turning-back time DDAY
Females with warm coats EWES
Shortening in some recipes? TSP
Small stringed instrument informally UKE
Extinct avian MOA
Comstock load ORE
Super-Shuffle link BOWL
They may be on deck? TARS
A in Athens ALPHA
Chocolate cookie brand OREO
Tighten a text EDIT
Hard-___ (stern) NOSED
Things on many bucket lists WILDEXOTICTRIPS
Not likely to brag MODEST
Like creaks at midnight EERIE
Pale beverage ALE
Rum ___ Tugger (“Cats” character) TUM
One finding it hard to pass the bar? SOT
Permission-granting word YES
Dastardly Roman emperor NERO
1986 BMX film RAD
Thick soup-cream concoction POTAGE
Exhibited mercy toward SPARED
Copy in office-speak XEROX
Starts to lag FALLSBEHIND
Antelope with a stubby nose SAIGA
Kind and concerned for others HUMANE
Narrow backstreets ALLEYS
High rocky hill TOR
Like a tale that’s hard to believe TALL
Score that someone needs to break TIE
Jazz type BOP
Lady’s undergarment BRA
Letters on a motor oil can SAE
Like a shrinking violet TIMID
Smallest possible lead in a baseball game ONERUN
Starts to crash as the stock market TUMBLESDOWNWARD
Drinking toast SKOAL
Packaging weight TARE
Canal or lake ERIE
Bartletts and boscs PEARS
Word with “bug” or “cross” EYED
One with powers of foresight SEER