12/30/16 Universal Crossword Answers

1/4/17 Universal Crossword Answers

Thank you for choosing our site! We have just finished solving all the 1/4/17 Universal Crossword clues and we have decided to share with you below. In case something is wrong or missing kindly leave a comment below and one of our staff members will be more than happy to help you out. Please note that this crossword puzzle is part of the daily Universal Crossword.


Racetrack gait sometimes TROT
None of ___ business! YOUR
Bread with hummus PITA
This Magic Moment is one OLDIE
One way to sway FRO
Galley tool OAR
It’s more than an irritating tingle ITCH
Crop holders on a farm SILOS
Sounded the whistle? TOOTED
Piece for a diva ARIA
What a landlord expects RENT
Man’s best friend DOG
Quite trite and familiar OLDHAT
Boris Godunov was one TSAR
Place to grab lunch DELI
Round gasket on a space shuttle ORING
Some are inflatable RAFTS
Cape ___ (westernmost point in Africa) VERDE
Further from danger SAFER
Feed ___ starve … ACOLD
Light violet MAUVE
Luxurious sheet material SATIN
Building locales SITES
Dirty rotten scoundrels SOANDSOS
Princess in a sari RANI
It’s far from a Cuban STOGIE
Longish dress length MIDI
Slight amount SMIDGE
Make one’s disdain quite plain SNEER
Churchill Downs entrant HORSE
Make like a king RULE
Individual unit on an agenda ITEM
Lollobrigida or Gershon GINA
Raze (with “down”) TEAR
Seeks answers ASKS
Proofreader’s reversal STET
Wow that’s exciting! OOH
Believe it or ___ NOT
Lao-Tze’s “way” TAO
Printing goof TYPO
Pass off as authentic FOIST
Common type of trick CARD
Muddy as waters ROIL
7:1 e.g. RATIO
Black-and-white cookie OREO
Parkas and windbreakers e.g. OUTDOORCLOTHING
What a hiker hikes TRAIL
Place for those being roasted HOTSEAT
Taro root EDDO
Char a steak SEAR
Give an engine some gas REV
For a lady HERS
Nighttime visions DREAMS
Beer variety ALE
Rap sheet entry ALIAS
Amateur sports org. NCAA
Typical method of operation for dry cleaners FIRSTINFIRSTOUT
Heading on a busy person’s list TODO
Reach effectively GETAT
56 to Brutus LVI
Cooks clams STEAMS
City north of Carson City RENO
Dad’s retreat often DEN
Steals old-style NIMS
It’s often heaved SIGH
Disencumbering RIDDING
Tiny bits IOTAS
Hobby not connected to one’s work OUTSIDEINTEREST
Sub in a tub OLEO
Italian seaport GENOA
For goodness’ ___! SAKE
Parts of skirts HEMS
Poet’s inspiration ERATO
Word with “while” old-style ERST