12/30/16 Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers

2/21/17 Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers

Thank you for choosing our site! We have just finished solving all the 2/21/17 Thomas Joseph Crossword clues and we have decided to share with you below. In case something is wrong or missing kindly leave a comment below and one of our staff members will be more than happy to help you out. Please note that this crossword puzzle is part of the daily Thomas Joseph Crossword.


Elephant of story BABAR
Kingdom REALM
Unescorted ALONE
Game show host EMCEE
Coastal grasslands SALTMARSHES
Wrap up END
Stunned wonder AWE
Period of history ERA
La Scala locale MILAN
Yucatan native MAYAN
Longtime Chicago mayor DALEY
TV’s Trebek ALEX
Seedy joint DIVE
Jeans material DENIM
Quick snacks BITES
TV spots ADS
Young one TOT
Exploit USE
Breath-freshening candies PEPPERMINTS
Manicure mineral EMERY
Misbehave ACTUP
Extinct birds DODOS
Fragrant flower PEONY
Diamond corner BASE
Arkin of “Argo” ALAN
Audacious BOLD
Wee worker ANT
Peruse anew REREAD
Print units EMS
Dull pain ACHE
Lusty look LEER
Butte’s kin MESA
Cobbler’s tool AWL
Gymnast Comaneci NADIA
Fuming MAD
Brewpub order ALE
Desire YEN
Iluminated LIT
Night before EVE
Word of assent YES
Pirate’s pals MATEYS
Computer image BITMAP
Negative link NOR
Imitated APED
Floor model DEMO
Went fast SPED
Do — others … UNTO
Catch off guard STUN
Favoring PRO
Bar “rocks” ICE