12/30/16 Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers

12/31/16 Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers

Thank you for choosing our site! We have just finished solving all the 12/31/16 Thomas Joseph Crossword clues and we have decided to share with you below. In case something is wrong or missing kindly leave a comment below and one of our staff members will be more than happy to help you out. Please note that this crossword puzzle is part of the daily Thomas Joseph Crossword.


Play group CAST
Arm e.g. LIMB
Math comparison RATIO
Scents ODORS
Left on a liner APORT
Deck of fortunes TAROT
Get on AGE
Catchall abbr. ETC
Returns to the Enterprise BEAMSUP
Vacillate SEESAW
Calls on USES
Sphinx setting EGYPT
Checkout act SCAN
Cafe patrons EATERS
Detente predecessor COLDWAR
Calf’s cry MAA
Band blaster AMP
Laundry chore IRONING
Occupy the throne REIGN
Frances star LANGE
Penalized FINED
Foils’ kin EPEES
Brooklyn team NETS
River stoppers DAMS
In Cold Blood author CAPOTE
Without delay ATONCE
Letter start SIRS
Pledge drive reward TOTEBAG
Led Zeppelin’s “Whole — Love” LOTTA
Writer Tarbell IDA
Irish accent BROGUE
Track doings RACES
Flight makeup STEPS
Annual celebration NEWYEAR
Pound hound MUTT
Dispatch SEND
Out in a way PAROLED
Neck wrap SCARF
Response to a knock COMEIN
Like some skiing ALPINE
8 Mile rapper EMINEM
Mountain chains RANGES
Wise ones SAGES
Breezes WINDS
Wine valley NAPA
Acquire GET