12/30/16 Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers

7/5/17 Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers

Thank you for choosing our site! We have just finished solving all the 7/5/17 Eugene Sheffer Crossword clues and we have decided to share with you below. In case something is wrong or missing kindly leave a comment below and one of our staff members will be more than happy to help you out. Please note that this crossword puzzle is part of the daily Eugene Sheffer Crossword.


Monumental EPIC
Bow-wow! ARF
Seethe BOIL
Implement TOOL
Texter’s chuckle LOL
Golden rule word UNTO
Wildebeests GNUS
On an angle ASLOPE
Persian Gulf land IRAQ
Allow LET
Pear type BOSC
Hawaiian feast LUAU
1040 org. IRS
First numero UNO
Quiet partner? PEACE
Corp. boss CEO
Solidify GEL
Nepal’s continent ASIA
Enjoy Aspen SKI
Property claim LIEN
Taxi devices METERS
Ravi’s instrument SITAR
Let’s do it IMIN
Lawyer’s business PRACTICE
Historic sitcom star LUCY
Dawn goddess EOS
Staff leader? CLEF
Cruising ASEA
Stir-fry pan WOK
Pianist Myra HESS
LAX guesses ETAS
Sweet wine PORT
Greek vowel IOTA
Health care facility CLINIC
The Greatest ALI
Sinbad’s bird ROC
Dog bane FLEA
Taps instrument BUGLE
Officially warned ONNOTICE
Live —! ITUP
Misplace LOSE
New Deal pres. FDR
Pivot SLUE
Pub orders ALES
Partridge’s kin QUAIL
Glitch BUG
Single ONE
Start of summer or winter SOLSTICE
Exotic berry ACAI
Toy Story dinosaur REX
Tofu source SOY
Two of a kind PAIR
Tattletale SNITCH
Nairobi’s land KENYA
Computer key ESC
Actress Kunis MILA
Flightless birds EMUS
Scrabble piece TILE
Experts ACES
Boxing arbiters REFS
Kanga’s kid ROO
Request ASK