12/30/16 Universal Crossword Answers

4/30/17 Universal Crossword Answers

Thank you for choosing our site! We have just finished solving all the 4/30/17 Universal Crossword clues and we have decided to share with you below. In case something is wrong or missing kindly leave a comment below and one of our staff members will be more than happy to help you out. Please note that this crossword puzzle is part of the daily Universal Crossword.

Back-rub reason sometimes ACHE
Wild male pig BOAR
Beige kin ECRU
Eel-like creatures LAMPREYS
24/07/0365 NONSTOP
One nicknamed “The Greatest” ALI
Obit part BIO
Zygote half OVUM
Beg old-style BESEECH
Natural stone installers MASONS
Class if music is fit for the Boston Pops it’s … ORCHESTRAL
Smile and then some BEAM
Without SANS
Psych ending OTIC
Civil War uniform color GRAY
Drawn-out substance EDUCT
Earners of cheaper tickets SENIORS
Passengers to cabbies FARES
Hayes of “Shaft” fame ISAAC
Class music that has a timed regularity is … RHYTHMICAL
Foolish and then some INANE
Eyelid annoyances STYES
Word with “ear” or “Panama” CANAL
Like all coins TWOSIDED
Public opinion barometer POLL
Not permitted ILLICIT
Drunken states STUPORS
Edmonton hockey team OILERS
German mister HERR
Family as a group CLAN
Old sound system HIFI
Total World Series wins for the Seattle Mariners NONE
Something Superman wears CAPE
Deep-bend link KNEE
Baby or giant move STEP
Cash register mfr. NCR
Summa ___ laude CUM
Cain’s brother ABEL
Fat cat in the business sense NABOB
Crowds of people MOBS
___-Cola COCA
Kalamata or black OLIVE
Region AREA
OK class singing that meshes well is … HARMONIOUS
Quick look-over SCAN
Becomes active as a volcano ERUPTS
Huge amounts of resistance? MEGOHMS
Bat mitzvahs and marriages e.g. RITES
Fish-loving eagle ERNE
Building regulation FIRECODE
Sweet French liqueur CASSIS
Like an uncleaned fireplace ASHY
Liked a dazed boxer PUNCHY
Its business is booming TNT
They’re caught at the beach RAYS
Org. once headed by Leon Panetta CIA
Something a waiter balances TRAY
Celebrate Thanksgiving EAT
Mountain climber’s spikes PITONS
Wax’s opposite WANE
Principal’s domain SCHOOL
Run-down seedy hotel rooms in slang RATHOLES
Grist producer MILL
Changes direction abruptly SLUES
Relaxin’ slangily CHILLIN
Punctures lightly PRICKS
Bugs that bring “ughs” LICE
Class music that is consistent between all instruments is … CONCORDANT
From a great distance AFAR
Sustain as losses INCUR
Sword used in sporting events EPEE
Musician Lofgren NILS
Contract payment conditions TERMS
Like one end of a pool DEEP