The wildcats of the big east conference crossword clue

2/28/17 New York Times Crossword Answers

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Morning joe JAVA
Start of many a doctor’s visit EXAM
In addition ALSO
Outcome that’s overall unfavorable NETNEGATIVE
Windy City ‘L’ overseer CTA
Imaginary tiger friend in the comics HOBBES
Not on good terms (with) INBAD
Done nothing LAIN
Infamous prison featured in the 1969 best seller “Papillon” ILEDUDIABLE
___ knew? WHO
Southernmost U.S. state HAWAII
Weather concern in 11-Down ELNINO
Lackeys YESMEN
Sheepish look GRIN
Two-masted vessel BRIG
Socialist Workers Party’s ideology RADICALLEFT
Honest sorts … or what the circled squares contain? STANDUPGUYS
Palindromic boy’s name BOB
Be My Yoko ___ (first single by Barenaked Ladies) ONO
Pi’s follower RHO
Former Big Four record co. EMI
They’re taken out in newspapers ADS
Palindromic girl’s name NAN
Lungful AIR
Hollywood ending? DEE
Nincompoop ASS
River that feeds Lake Nasser NILE
Topping in kosher restaurants OLEO
Didn’t run out LASTED
Have dreams ASPIRE
Features of some country singers TWANGS
Region on the Rhine ALSACE
Took effect SETIN
Area between mountains VALE
Plunge DROP
Breakfast food with a rhyming slogan EGGO
In order NEAT
Totally fine AOK
Box office purchase: Abbr. TKT
___ jacket (bit of casualwear) JEAN
Dish that’s sometimes rated in “alarms” CHILI
Curds and ___ WHEY
Wagon part AXLE
Like much music TONAL
In fine fettle HALE
Widespread VAST
1960s activist Hoffman ABBIE
___ friends (not having to be on one’s guard) AMONG
Quaint inn informally BANDB
Cry after “Ready!” AIM
Muffed one ERRED
Bearlike URSINE
Powerful Renaissance family BORGIAS
A book collector might seek a first one EDITION
Available ONHAND
Spanish girlfriend AMIGA
Italy’s shape BOOT
Setting for much of the movie “Lion” INDIA
Zippo NADA
People encountered by Pizarro INCAS
Things ghosts lack BODIES
Riga native LATVIAN
In addition ASWELL
What tryptophan is said to induce SLEEP
Place to go for a “me day” SPA
Munchkins ELVES
Nash who wrote “Parsley / Is gharsley” OGDEN
Turner or Fey TINA
Bother greatly EATAT
Tell to “Do it!” URGE
Lead-in to a conclusion ERGO
Movie informally FLICK
Class with mats YOGA
Feature of a late-night show set DESK
Words to live by TENET
Catch sight of SPOT