12/30/16 USA Today Crossword Answers

12/31/16 USA Today Crossword Answers

Thank you for choosing our site! We have just finished solving all the 12/31/16 USA Today Crossword clues and we have decided to share with you below. In case something is wrong or missing kindly leave a comment below and one of our staff members will be more than happy to help you out. Please note that this crossword puzzle is part of the daily USA Today Crossword.


Shopaholic’s binge SPREE
French textile city LILLE
Breakfast drinks for short OJS
Ain’t correct? ARENT
Rubik’s Cube maker IDEAL
London lav LOO
Classic construction toy LINCOLNLOGS
Rival of UPS and FedEx DHL
Don’t just sit ACT
Less than slim as chances go NONE
Jan. 1 song word SYNE
Can’t stomach DESPISE
Added booze to SPIKED
Tools with circular cross-sections RATTAILFILES
Fishing lure SPOON
Vientiane’s land LAOS
Life of Pi director Ang LEE
Swimmers’ repetitions LAPS
Writer’s malady CRAMP
Take this! HERE
Cinnabar to mercury ORE
Economic upturn BOOM
Passbook holders’ investments BANKACCOUNTS
Angle symbols in trigonometry THETAS
Makes no changes SITSPAT
Ship’s christening spot PROW
Prefix with physics META
Fluoride-promoting org. ADA
Debtor’s letters IOU
Awards for hit singles perhaps GOLDRECORDS
Brillo alternative SOS
Response to “Who’s there?” ITISI
Holmes of “Batman Begins” KATIE
Moviedom’s Dr. Zaius e.g. APE
Carried with effort TOTED
Lemonade vendor’s spot STAND
Caesar or Waldorf SALAD
Number on a sticker PRICE
Monopoly payments RENTS
Business letter abbr. ENC
Prince William as a student ETONIAN
Finch family member LINNET
Just lying around IDLE
Uncle on “Seinfeld” LEO
Fail to keep pace LAG
Overhead rails ELS
Disney classic starring Spike the dog OLDYELLER
Farm equipment giant JOHNDEERE
___ amandine (fish dish) SOLE
In need of a GPS maybe LOST
Enjoy a bunny slope say SKI
Practically all Masters Tournament golfers PROS
The King and I setting SIAM
Coin-in-a-fountain sound PLOP
Unknown factors IFS
San Antonio tourist draw ALAMO
Parakeet’s meal SEED
Oscar Madison notably SLOB
Pertaining to military chutists PARATROOP
Realtor-hosted event OPENHOUSE
Caesar’s partner of early TV COCA
Birds that preyed on elephants ROCS
Sound from a radiator HISS
Belfry dweller BAT
Many campaign ads ATTACKS
___ Gardens (London attraction) KEW
Log-in name USERID
Evening in ads NITE
First section of a form perhaps PARTA
Introduce to the mix ADDIN
Zapped with a stun gun TASED
City on the Arno PISA
Store inventory (Abbr.) MDSE
Oater “Scram!” GIT
Ear-related prefix OTO
English class for short LIT
Nosebag tidbit OAT