12/30/16 Newsday Crossword Answers

2/19/17 Newsday Crossword Answers

Thank you for choosing our site! We have just finished solving all the 2/19/17 Newsday Crossword clues and we have decided to share with you below. In case something is wrong or missing kindly leave a comment below and one of our staff members will be more than happy to help you out. Please note that this crossword puzzle is part of the daily Newsday Crossword.


Source of new USN ensigns ROMA
Poetic spheres OMAN
Apple on a desk TORT
Senses in a way COTILLION
Melville’s second book OWN
Angular in physique RIVETS
__ speak (as it were) BRAVO
Tried to rip open SYNE
First to be born an American citizen ISU
Rock layers MOROSE
Slapstick bit ATEAMS
Even once CONFAB
Clumsy ones STS
Ran out of patience MOTH
Brought about ERRATA
Courteous assent LEADON
Manner of speaking LATINA
Last to be born in the 18th century ICEIT
Most Greenlanders BRYANT
List of dishes SAUTES
Sigma follower DES
Approximately EMU
Last Masters stroke usually MCA
‘Superfood” veggie RIOJA
Handles roughly ENRON
First to live in the White House PUSHY
Last of the Founding Fathers JETS
‘__ luck?” HUMORIST
Party regulars MUMS
Doughnut order PALE
Orlando’s county KAZOO
Starter like ante- AMEN
Canon rival LEN
Bush 43 aide Fleischer ANA
McKinley’s other name URN
Star’s walk-on LOG
TV spots for charities SEE
Gen. Grant’s opponent APPLYFO
Last (so far) to earn a living from farming DORIC
First to complete another’s term JOKER
Express disdain MORAN
Contends DIMES
Columbia Pictures owner NATE
Countess’ husband ASHY
Dash’s mileage meter DJS
Low-pH compound EIN
Civil NMI
Last (so far) born in Virginia AMF
Israeli violin virtuoso CRI
Zenith POND
Maximally hostile CLAI
‘Dancing with the Stars” step SERT
Impolite looks ARLE
Seem to go on forever AVO
‘Moonstruck” star JOI
‘That’s too bad!” ROTC
Chopper’s activity ORBS
First Republican IMAC
Sets loose SMELLS
‘True Grit” remake surname OMOO
Bone __ (study) WIRY
Suitable for cacti SOTO
Book after Job TOREAT
Olivier title STRATA
Mrs. Truman ANTIC
Tomato for paste EVER
Yemen neighbor OAFS
Wrongful act HADIT
Formal ball LEDTO
Rent-to-__ YESMAAM
Girder handler’s supply TONE
‘Well done!” REPLIES
Seasonal song ender JAMESBUCHANAN
Terre Haute sch. INUITS
Gloomy MENU
Starting squads TAU
Casual talk ORSO
Figueroa and Vine in L.A. PUTT
Night flier KALE
Slip-up sheet MAULS
__ Island NY ANY
Wrap up a win POLS
Retired Lakers star DOZEN
Prepares as scampi ORANGE
‘Boulevard __ Capucines” (Monet painting) PRE
Six-foot-tall bird NIKON
Erstwhile media conglomerate ARI
Spanish red wine DENALI
Ill-fated energy giant CAMEO
Overbearing PSAS
Airbus products CSA
Keillor or Twain JIMMYCARTER
Some pram pushers JOHNTYLER
Ale descriptor SNIFF
Device for a hummer VIES
‘You said it!” SONY
Thriller writer Deighton EARL
Santa __ CA ODO
Decorative vase ACID
Activity record POLITE
Realize ACME
Seek actively as a post MEANEST
Column style TANGO
Deck extra LEERS
Capone rival DRAG
Torch-bearing change CHER
Online statistician Silver AWGEE
Grayish KARATE
Wedding entertainers ABRAHAMLINCOLN
German article UNTIES
Abbr. for two-name people COEN
Bowling center builder UPON
Dernier __ (latest thing) ARID
The Atlantic to Brits PSALMS
Assert EXED
Simmons alternative LORD
‘Over the Rainbow” composer BESS