12/30/16 Newsday Crossword Answers

1/8/17 Newsday Crossword Answers

Thank you for choosing our site! We have just finished solving all the 1/8/17 Newsday Crossword clues and we have decided to share with you below. In case something is wrong or missing kindly leave a comment below and one of our staff members will be more than happy to help you out. Please note that this crossword puzzle is part of the daily Newsday Crossword.


‘Ahhhh . . .” NOWISEE
‘Even Now” singer MANILOW
‘Flintstones” barker DINO
‘Green” prefix ECO
‘I already know him” WEMET
‘I shoulda known that” DUH
‘The African Queen” screenwriter AGEE
90s tennis star AGASSI
102 Across being ELF
A while back ONCE
Actress Teri GARR
Alternatively ELSE
Alternatively in texts OTOH
Anatomical trunk AORTA
Apple voice SIRI
Arm of the sea INLET
Assails HASAT
Assist feloniously ABET
Author Jong ERICA
Aviation prefix AERO
Bamboo for instance REED
Big name in game rules HOYLE
Boy from Bogotá NINO
Bridges SPANS
Buckaroo at times LASSOER
Burnett of CNN ERIN
Certain mine extraction SALT
Cheerios sister brand TRIX
City near Sacramento NAPA
Combatants WARRIORS
Comedian making his film debut in 1917 STANLAUREL
Comic singer who made his first records in 1917 EDDIECANTOR
Crunchy lunches BLTS
Declare void ANNUL
Deep voice BASS
Devoted follower DISCIPLE
Difficult duty ONUS
Do away with SCRAP
Doctor’s prescriptions DOSES
Eager beavers DOERS
Earliest stage ONSET
Early Welles medium RADIO
Emphatic type: Abbr ITAL
End of a kids’ song EIEIO
Entryway component DOORJAMB
Essence of marinara TOMATOES
Extreme degree NTH
Falstaffian OBESE
Feudal domains FIEFS
Filled LADEN
Finnish money EURO
Fly balls’ paths ARCS
For the asking FREE
Forbidden things NONOS
Former couples EXES
Frat letters TAUS
From port to starboard ABEAM
Give a hint to CUEIN
Golf goof SLICE
Haciendas por ejemplo CASAS
Hardy novel setting WESSEX
He first wrote of Middle-earth in 1917 JRRTOLKIEN
Henry Ford’s son EDSEL
Hill inhabitants ANTS
Hush-hush SECRET
Ignited LIT
In a snit CROSS
In the cooler ONICE
Infomercials for instance ADS
Invent as a phrase COIN
Inventor/artist MORSE
Is a braggart CROWS
Island bought by the US in 1917 SAINTTHOMAS
Islander gaining US citizenship in 1917 PUERTORICAN
Keats and colleagues POETS
Lacked informally HADNT
Last to finish SLOWEST
Leeway ROOM
Like some wine casks OAKEN
Likewise not NOR
Literature Nobelist of 2016 DYLAN
London Blitz ordeal AIRRAID
Macabre EERIE
Mauna __ KEA
Milk in Mexico LECHE
Minute amount ATOM
Minute amounts IOTAS
Monarch who abdicated in 1917 NICHOLASII
Movie innovation first shown publicly in 1917 TECHNICOLOR
Muse of history CLIO
National Leaguer PADRE
Norse pantheon AESIR
Not moving INERT
Novelist Quindlen ANNA
Olympian aggressor ARES
One who hears ”You’ve got mail!” AOLER
Overfills SATES
Painter born in 1917 ANDREWWYETH
Parasite LEECH
Part of Steinway’s logo LYRE
PD alert APB
Pennsylvania port ERIE
Pershing gave up the pursuit of him in 1917 PANCHOVILLA
Philosopher Descartes RENE
Phone-bill add-ons FEES
Pop up again RECUR
Powder in some printers TONER
Press for URGE
Prom rental TUX
Pulverizing tools PESTLES
Put something over on FOOL
Rankle EATAT
Really long time EON
Redeems CASHES
Reduces restrictions for EASES
Refuse to allow DONTLET
Remote battery often AAA
Service organization founded in 1917 LIONSCLUBS
Shaping tool LATHE
Silicon Valley city SANMATEO
Sleek fabric SATEEN
Slightly open AJAR
Solemn affirmation IDO
Some autobahn autos AUDIS
States of mind MOODS
Take a risk DARE
Tarnish TAINT
Taurus preceder ARIES
Threaded fastener SCREW
Tiara relative CORONET
UFO pilots ETS
Unimportant MERE
Unsuitable for youngsters RRATED
Vermont ski resort OKEMO
Well-versed from the French AUFAIT
Wife of Jupiter JUNO
Wimbledon ender FINALS
Without assistance ALONE
Word on some Finnish money SUOMI