12/30/16 Newsday Crossword Answers

1/1/17 Newsday Crossword Answers

Thank you for choosing our site! We have just finished solving all the 1/1/17 Newsday Crossword clues and we have decided to share with you below. In case something is wrong or missing kindly leave a comment below and one of our staff members will be more than happy to help you out. Please note that this crossword puzzle is part of the daily Newsday Crossword.


‘By the way . . .” SAY
‘Graphic” group ARTS
‘Hey you!” PSST
‘Nope” UHUH
‘Oh dear!” LORDY
‘Omnia vincit __” AMOR
‘See ya!” TATA
‘Spirit of ’76” instrument FIFE
‘The Simpsons” storekeeper APU
‘The Tempest” sprite ARIEL
‘This can’t be!” OHNO
‘What a bummer” SOSAD
‘Your mileage __ vary” MAY
‘__ Miz” LES
) or ( briefly PAREN
100 Down for one ISLE
Actress Tyler LIV
Address label abbr ATTN
Aesopian ending MORAL
All Saints’ Day mo NOV
All-stops train LOCAL
Apple cousin PEAR
Art Deco artist ERTE
Arthurian paradise AVALON
Auditor designation CPA
Author Bradbury RAY
Bake-sale orgs PTAS
Ballerina’s wear TUTU
Baseball great Gehrig LOU
Batting-practice areas CAGES
Big brand in bonding GLUEALL
Big bundle PILE
Birch family trees ALDERS
Bonding agents UNITERS
Box-office buy slangily DUCAT
Bumbling INEPT
Caesarean conquest GAUL
Caesarean salutation AVE
Came next ENSUED
Car-ride company UBER
Caravan beast CAMEL
Casting assignments ROLES
Cavalry sword SABER
Choir range ALTO
Clothing mishaps TEARS
Clothing mishaps RIPS
Coffeehouse worker BARISTA
Commerce Dept. arm USCENSUSBUREAU
Complains so to speak KICKS
Composer Ned ROREM
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Conscienceless UNSCRUPULOUS
Consider as a case HEAR
Crime lab evidence DNA
Curaçao neighbor ARUBA
Dandy dressers FOPS
Edible wrapped rolls SUSHI
Eighth Amendment phrase CRUELANDUNUSUAL
Feedbag fodder OATS
Fluffy sky sight CUMULUSCLOUD
Formal declaration DICTUM
Game-show group PANEL
Garage job for short LUBE
Genesis locale EDEN
Give birth to HAVE
Give the right ENTITLE
Go wrong ERR
Godzilla’s hangout TOKYO
Grammy category RAP
Harder to find RARER
Hearing-related AURAL
Heavy load ONUS
Hotel lobby FOYER
How skinny jeans fit SNUGLY
Hybrid equine MULE
In __ straits (desperate) DIRE
Invitation to fight PUTUPYOURDUKES
Jai alai basket CESTA
Jared of ”Dallas Buyers Club” LETO
Less than smooth ROCKY
Litter’s littlest RUNT
Lizard pet for many IGUANA
Marina __ Rey CA DEL
MDs’ org AMA
Miniseries starter PARTI
Mix together STIR
More reliable TRUER
Motto on money EPLURIBUSUNUM
Mud concoction PIE
Nation near Fiji TUVALU
Natural gifts TALENTS
Numero __ (first-rate) UNO
Of armadas NAVAL
Ordeal TRIAL
Out of bounds FOUL
Parcels out ALLOTS
Part of 63 Across’ meaning ONE
Part of Hawaii KAUAI
Pastor’s home MANSE
Pathway ROUTE
Prehistoric predator TREX
Presley’s birthplace TUPELO
Producer Oscar film for Affleck ARGO
Programs in phones APPLETS
Propane or butane FUEL
Propelled as a raft POLED
Protein source MEAT
Put on hold DELAY
Put up with ABIDE
Put up with BEAR
Rainbow curves ARCS
Repair-bill detail LABOR
Resells for too much SCALPS
Ringed planet URANUS
Rotating-ball product ROLLON
Sacred chests ARKS
Santa-like OBESE
Serengeti scavenger HYENA
Set free in a way UNPEN
Sits alongside ABUTS
Slim to __ (poor odds) NONE
Smoke detectors of a sort NOSES
Something in the air ODOR
South Vietnam’s last president THIEU
SpaceX head MUSK
Stick together CLUMP
Stops for a 44 Down OASES
Store up AMASS
Swahili word for ”freedom” UHURU
Takes five RESTS
Teen faves IDOLS
Three-card con MONTE
Tip off TELL
Trifles (with) TOYS
Two-continent country EGYPT
Unlucky one LOSER
Unnatural as a photo POSED
Urban-curb fixtures METERS
Vacuum hookups HOSES
Window inserts PANES
Wine vintage YEAR
Write down as music NOTATE
__ de plume NOM