12/30/16 Newsday Crossword Answers

1/11/17 Newsday Crossword Answers

Thank you for choosing our site! We have just finished solving all the 1/11/17 Newsday Crossword clues and we have decided to share with you below. In case something is wrong or missing kindly leave a comment below and one of our staff members will be more than happy to help you out. Please note that this crossword puzzle is part of the daily Newsday Crossword.


Admirals’ org USN
Airport rental CAR
All-inclusive ENTIRE
Are in Argentina ESTA
Big-eyed bird OWL
Brother of Cain ABEL
Burglarize ROB
Chinese temple PAGODA
Church donation TITHE
Competent ABLE
Court sport TENNIS
Cozy room DEN
Derisive shout BOO
Designate NAME
Dracula portrayer Lugosi BELA
Drink daintily SIP
Electric auto company TESLA
Elliptical shape OVAL
Folklore monster OGRE
Get-up-and-go PEP
Goes out with DATES
Got taller GREW
Greet the day ARISE
Guitarist Clapton ERIC
Historic time ERA
Holds the deed to OWNS
Ill temper IRE
In the thick of AMIDST
L.A. clock setting PST
Large scissors SHEARS
Lathered up SOAPY
Lobster cousin CRAB
Mailing stickers LABELS
Matador adversary TORO
Microwave oven sounds BEEPS
NBA broadcaster ESPN
Nebraska neighbor IOWA
New Cub Scout BOBCAT
Not quite right AMISS
Part of an act SCENE
PC bailout key ESC
Pick up the check PAY
Pick up the check TREAT
Poker payment ANTE
Poorly lit DIM
Pulpit presentation SERMON
Put to work USE
Reduce as expenses PARE
Reluctant AVERSE
Remove frost from DEICE
Removed rind from PEELED
Roster LIST
Rural hotels INNS
Selling point ASSET
Sharpener insert PENCIL
Shell game SCAM
Simmered slowly STEWED
Sixth sense for short ESP
Sodium or sulfur ELEMENT
Some nest eggs for short IRAS
Spilled the beans TATTLED
Stitched SEWN
Stressful spot HOTSEAT
Tavern BAR
Textile worker DYER
Thoroughfare ROAD
Tiny bit of water DROP
Tuna container CAN
U.N.’s all-member body GENERALASSEMBLY
U.N.’s executive body SECRETARIAT
U.N.’s peacekeeping body SECURITYCOUNCIL
Universe creation theory BIGBANG
Volcanic output ASH
Was ahead LED
Web pop-ups ADS
Wine vintage YEAR
Wolfed down ATE
Wooden strip SLAT