The wildcats of the big east conference crossword clue

6/30/17 New York Times Crossword Answers

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Tower of ___ (classic math puzzle) HANOI
Desi Jr. of the 1960s group Dino Desi & Billy ARNAZ
His assassination sparked W.W. I FRANZFERDINAND
Tarboosh feature TASSEL
Coin introduced by Louis IX ECU
___ gratia DEI
Famed Indian burial site AGRA
Took for a fool PLAYED
Food processors informally TUMMIES
One involved in monkey business? ZOOKEEPER
Titular Salinger girl ESME
Puma prey DEER
Campaign of flattery CHARMOFFENSIVE
Humorous as opposed to strange HAHAFUNNY
Wished could be undone RUED
Place to pray APSE
Where Molson Coors is TAP NYSE
Feeling that everyone’s having fun without you in modern lingo FOMO
More than conjecture AVER
Place of outdoor meditation ZENGARDEN
Tennis’s Petrova NADIA
___ Vogue TEEN
Harbor seal SEACALF
Dieter’s piece of cake? SLIVER
Crackpot CUCKOO
Trouble in the night APNEA
Catches in the act NAILS
Retract UNSAY
Skiing great Lindsey VONN
Nondairy spread OLEO
Newbie TYRO
1969 Peace Prize agcy. ILO
Given the short end of the stick SHAFTED
Prone APT
What many Brits don’t spell “realize” with ZED
500 e.g. CARRACE
Natural energy source GLUCOSE
Designer behind the Dolly Girl perfume ANNASUI
Really stress RAMHOME
Wind sounds MOANS
Strong connection? HAYMAKER
Locale in “Do the Right Thing” PIZZERIA
Where the Shannon flows EIRE
One may be straight FLUSH
Put down DEMEAN
Disconcert FAZE
Spirit ELAN
Excessively sentimental SOPPY
No more OVER
Trim in a way DEFAT
Own (up) FESS
Tapes maybe MENDS
Impudence slangily TUDE
For the taking FREE
Bacchanals ORGIES
Flower girl sometimes NIECE
Like a control freak ANAL
Classic sitcom sign-off NANUNANU
Big appetite VORACITY
House shower CSPAN
H&M competitor OLDNAVY
Providers of limited coverage? BIKINIS
1983 song that begins “Hate New York City” ILOVELA
Only word spoken in Mel Brooks’s “Silent Movie” NON
Back again FRO
That’s no challenge TOOEASY