The wildcats of the big east conference crossword clue

5/1/17 New York Times Crossword Answers

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The Thin Man’ canine ASTA
Ambient quality AURA
Apt cry for 41-Across OFFWITHHERHEAD
Article thrown over the shoulders SHAWL
Atheist Madalyn Murray ___ OHAIR
Attend a funeral say MOURN
Belles of the ball DEBS
Big laughs slangily YUKS
Bit of viral web content MEME
Blood components SERA
Bouts as of crying JAGS
Bra size smaller than a ‘B’ ACUP
Brilliant move COUP
Cards sometimes hidden up sleeves ACES
Certain bank policy for A.T.M. withdrawals and wire transfers NOFEES
Competitor of Wisk TIDE
Cosmologist Sagan CARL
Cries of pain OWS
Czar called ‘the Great’ PETERI
Dresses in Delhi SARIS
Eagle’s home AERIE
Early Beatle ___ Sutcliffe STU
Extend as a subscription RENEW
Famous queen depicted literally ARIEANTOINETTE
Fellow film critic of Siskel EBERT
Feudal workers SERFS
First among men ADAM
Fizzy headache remedy informally BROMO
Fleur-de-___ LIS
Fly high SOAR
Grain used in making Alpha-Bits OAT
Grammy-winning James ETTA
Hi-___ monitor RES
Highway sign next to an off-ramp EXIT
It’s nothing new REHASH
Jane Austen heroine EMMA
Keepsake in a cabinet perhaps CURIO
Krispy Kreme product DONUT
Long hard journeys TREKS
Malicious SPITEFUL
Many Americans whose names end in -ez LATINOS
Merchandise location SALESROOM
Minor fights SPATS
Money that needs to be repaid LOAN
Monopoly space with the words ‘Just Visiting’ JAIL
Moving day rental UHAUL
Ninnies DOPES
North Carolina’s Cape ___ HATTERAS
Not giving up on an argument say INSISTENT
Not taxable e.g EXEMPT
Of the flock LAIC
Parsley sage rosemary or thyme HERB
Persian tongue FARSI
Pick-me-up drinks BRACERS
Pimples ACNE
Point where lines meet NODE
Prefix relating to sleep HYPNO
Put into piles say SORT
Roast hosts for short MCS
Shade of color HUE
Short race spec ONEK
Something committed by 41-Across … or by this puzzle’s creator? CAPITALOFFENSE
Symbol of busyness BEE
The Bruins of the Pac-12 UCLA
Throat-clearing sounds AHEMS
Tristan’s beloved ISOLDE
Wind that might blow one’s hat off GUST
Wood for many a mountain cabin PINE
Words attributed to 41-Across LETTHEMEATCAKE
Wyatt of the Old West EARP
___ de corps (fellowship) ESPRIT
___ Le Pew (cartoon skunk) PEPE