The wildcats of the big east conference crossword clue

3/9/17 New York Times Crossword Answers

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Unpleasant sort PIECEOFW
Office-friendly to YouTubers SAFEFORW
Music and theater e.g. ARTS
Here’s a thought … SAY
Things from which genii are summoned MAGICLAMPS
Passionate AVID
Pie made with dairy-free cheese maybe VEGANPIZZA
Brief abrupt change in direction JOG
Made an impression? APED
Have an unchanging monogamous relationship MATEFORL
Peek into the everyday SLICEOFL
Put on the map CHART
Tread not so lightly STOMP
Unaccounted for for short MIA
Put a cork in it! SHH
Exchange business cards maybe NETW
Good-for-nothing LOWL
Overhaul REW
L’chaim! TOL
Bit of fake news LIE
Broke down in a way BAWLED
Edward ___ first popularly elected African-American U.S. senator (Massachusetts 1967-79) BROOKE
You can see right through it CORNEA
Reheated in a way NUKED
Immigrant’s class: Abbr. ESL
Puts on the 47-Down WEIGHS
What some black squares in this grid represent SCALES
Brynner of “The Magnificent Seven” YUL
Dental care brand ORALB
Org. for Carter and Bush Sr. before they became presidents USNAVY
Puzzle out DECODE
Texas oil city ODESSA
Cry ___ FOUL
Frozen food brand with French Toaster Sticks EGGO
Fail ignominiously BOMB
Don’t text and drive spots e.g. for short PSAS
Dallas pro informally MAV
Extemporizes in a way JAMS
R&B artist with the 2004 hit “1 2 Step” CIARA
Manhattan’s Park e.g.: Abbr. AVE
Shimmery stones OPALS
Substantial HEFTY
Band’s booking GIG
Make sense? GETIT
First-class in slang ACES
Gilt-y party? MIDAS
Retro skyscraper style DECO
Sports monitor for short REF
Actor Cage to friends NIC
Org. that penalizes icing NHL
Like the yin side: Abbr. FEM
Uncomfortably close to home TOOREAL
Flashy event? PHOTOOP
Brood FRET
He said “If you even dream of beating me you’d better wake up and apologize” ALI
Star Trek: T.N.G. Klingon WORF
One half of a 55-Across WWWW
Les ___ MIZ
The other half of a 55-Across LLLL
Candy sold in stacked bricks PEZ
Airer of many public affairs programmes BBCNEWS
Naturally in Britspeak ASYOUDO
Gave a damn? CURSED
Challenge in a demanding job … or a feature of this puzzle? WORKLIFEBALANCE
Single LONE
Dead Souls author Nikolai GOGOL
Neighbor of Myanmar LAOS
Narrowly made with “out” EKED
Message on a candy heart HUGME
Some briefs BVDS
Government org. featured on “Narcos” DEA
Grubby group SLOBS
Positive feedback YEA