The wildcats of the big east conference crossword clue

3/18/17 New York Times Crossword Answers

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Clearly!’ SOISEE
Death and the ___’ (Bosch painting in the National Gallery of Art) MISER
How ludicrous!’ WHATAJOKE
The Cocktail Party’ inits TSE
The Outcasts of Poker Flat’ author HARTE
Welcome to the Jungle’ singer 1988 AXLROSE
1991 Daytona 500 winner Ernie IRVAN
Aggressive poker play RERAISE
Aquarium denizen with horizontal stripes ZEBRAFISH
Bad representation? LUCIFER
Be lousy SUCK
Bucket of bolts CRATE
Cat’s tongue JIVETALK
Central U.S.’s ___ Plateau OZARK
Classroom command QUIET
Coin at an arcade TOKEN
Commoner contemner ELITIST
Competitor of Baker’s Joy PAM
Confusion HAZE
Creator of Bluto and Wimpy ECSEGAR
Crow’s-foot e.g AGELINE
Distance unit of about 30 inches PACE
European crested ___ TIT
Even faster than overnight SAMEDAY
Form of the Italian verb ‘to be’ ERI
From the heart in Latin EXANIMO
Go in and out of middle management? YOYODIET
He played an escaped convict in ‘We’re No Angels’ ALDORAY
Honest or respectable course UPANDUP
It could be a blooper OUTTAKE
It ended after W.W. II NAZIERA
Keys are found in it: Abbr FLA
Like first drafts usually EMENDED
Like stars in a review AWARDED
Line online ENOTE
Longtime Cunard flagship for short QEII
Longtime locals NATIVES
Lounge piece DIVAN
Marie Curie and Irène Joliot-Curie e.g MADAMES
Marine 10-legger SEACRAB
Mid-luxury Mercedes-Benz line ECLASS
More than serious DIRE
Mozart contemporary Antonio ___ ROSETTI
One for the record books BESTEVER
One of a pair a gardener might wear KNEEPAD
Org. for many residents AMA
Packing supply TWINE
Pandorans in ‘Avatar’ NAVI
Photoshop color effect DUOTONE
Phrase usually abbreviated IDEST
Polymer add-on? ASE
Predictably ASUSUAL
Prepare for a close-up PANIN
River of York OUSE
Rte. that ends in 22-Across USONE
School address LECTURE
See 48-Across COURT
Set electricians GAFFERS
So-called ‘Caput Mundi’ (‘Head of the World’) ROME
Studio equipment MIKES
Succession in a board game TURNS
The Allegheny and Wabash to the Ohio: Abbr TRIBS
Think over DIGEST
Tickling response TEHEE
Town in Connecticut’s Gold Coast DARIEN
Whale facility SONAR
With 9-Down hit sitcom of the 1980s-’90s NIGHT
___ Jiabao 2003-13 premier of China WEN