The wildcats of the big east conference crossword clue

3/16/17 New York Times Crossword Answers

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Home to Bowling Green OHIO
Roundabouts ORSO
Acted sycophantically KISSEDUP
Prom wear for some HEELS
Pesticide applier SPRAYER
7-up for example TIE
True or false: Abbr. ANS
Asian holiday TET
Don’t doubt me! ICANSO
Drawstring e.g. CORD
Attack in an underhanded way KNEE
Name tag info at an alumni event YEAR
Big ___ Conference EAST
Lord is ___? ITI
Arrow part SHAFT
Skier’s obstacle TREE
Fathers to babies DADAS
Rapper with the 2013 #1 album “Born Sinner” JCOLE
Page in a Hollywood script? ELLEN
Mucilaginous GLUEY
Counting word EENIE
Verges on NEARS
Like river deltas SILTY
Catch in a way HEAR
It’s “rarely pure and never simple” per Oscar Wilde THETRUTH
The Richard in a Shakespeare title III
Struggle (with) CONTEND
Picnic playwright INGE
Nova ___ SCOTIA
Poem title starter ODETO
Like many monuments at night UPLIT
Place to worship from AFAR
Completely convinced SOLD
Woman’s name that sounds like its first two letters EDIE
Put over high heat SEAR
IDs that are often not displayed in full: Abbr. SSNS
G.O.P. org. RNC
Back at sea AFT
It has a tip for game-playing CUE
Pipe with a tube HOOKAH
Like out-of-range stations STATICKY
Three times THRICE
Part of many a wreath PINECONE
Aren’t you glad I’m back? MISSME
Place with picnic tables often RESTAREA
Student’s note-taking aid LOOSELEA
Christopher Hitchens and Marcel Proust for two ESSAYISTS
Played at a party say DJED
He portrayed Steve Wozniak in “Steve Jobs” SETHROGEN
Org. whose website has a “Know Your Rights” tab ACLU
Narrow grooves STRIAE
Opposite of weather on a ship LEE
Eco-friendly seafood designation DOLPHI
It might come from a tap ALE
Draw out ELICIT
Prince for one HEIR
Hawks have sharp ones EYES
Large wire ASSO
Sprint e.g. FOOTRACE
Gets away from ELUDES
Not seriously ALLINFUN
Bacchus and Ariadne painter circa 1523 TITIAN
Used a black marker on … or a hint to three chunks of black squares in this puzzle REDACTED
Unspecified group OTHERS