The wildcats of the big east conference crossword clue

3/1/17 New York Times Crossword Answers

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Autos with charging stations TESLAS
Get by intimidation EXTORT
More discerning ACUTER
Monster beheaded by Perseus MEDUSA
180s UEYS
Unlawful behavior in strict Muslim countries for short PDA
Delhi wraps SARIS
Dagger’s partner CLOAK
Battlestar Galactica commander ADAMA
Big name in chocolates GODIVA
Small slice of one’s workday? PAPERCUT
Richard who founded Virgin Atlantic BRANSON
Travels in high style JETSETS
Ascap counterpart BMI
Needs a bath badly REEKS
Place to follow the M.L.B. ESPN
Obscenity-monitoring org. FCC
Naval burial site maybe SEA
Dirty digs STY
Hip Hop Is Dead rapper NAS
Ecstasy’s opposite AGONY
It’s right in the Pythagorean theorem TRIANGLE
Carded for short IDED
Barely manage with “out” EKE
Sex and the City quartet e.g. GALPALS
No kidding! IMEANIT
Tex-Mex dips SALSAS
FaceTime device IPHONE
Bellyache GROUSE
Insect that builds a papery nest HORNET
Three of Abba’s members by birth SWEDES
The Supreme Court’s Sotomayor SONIA
Getting even with TYING
Shooters through rapids RAFTS
Sitcom extraterrestrial ALF
Captain’s command CREW
Quick on the uptake APT
Join forces TEAMUP
Heroin slangily SCAG
Lunchbox sandwich informally PBJ
Go beyond EXCEED
Gucci of fashion ALDO
We ___ Young (2012 Song of the Year) ARE
Read up on a woman old-fashionedly? STUDYABROAD
One way to stand PAT
Yoga position LOTUS
Home of the Heat MIAMI
Naval subordinate: Abbr. ENS
Warrior on Mount Olympus ARES
Take a chance on a work of poetry? RISKAVERSE
Attack from the air STRAFE
Cousin of a cravat ASCOT
Big name in small planes CESSNA
What crossword clues with question marks often are PUNS
Cite a chap for speeding? TICKETAGENT
Prepare for a struggle GIRD
Gives the go-ahead SAYSOK
French 38-Down AMIES
Stable sounds NEIGHS
Coax a lost dog to follow you? LEADASTRAY
Figurehead’s place PROW
Camera-moving technique PAN
Unlikely to defect LOYAL
Hulk director Lee ANG
Check the aroma of a few beers? SNIFFAROUND
Al Capp diminutive LIL
You ___ kiddin’! AINT
Thought to Pascal PENSEE
Qu�bec place name abbr. STE
Loses rigidity SAGS
Messages with hashtags TWEETS