The wildcats of the big east conference crossword clue

2/8/17 New York Times Crossword Answers

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1/48 of a cup: Abbr. TSP
Part of many carrier names AIR
New York hub for Delta briefly LGA
Fire-breathing monster of myth CHIMERA
Shrek creator William STEIG
Watts of “The Impossible” NAOMI
Bottomless pit ABYSM
Often-overlooked email parts briefly PSS
Auto designer Maserati ERNESTO
Meditative exercises TAICHI
La Marseillaise for France ANTHEM
TV’s “Remington ___” STEELE
Eighty-___ (toss) SIX
Pie chart lines RADII
Longtime host who wrote “Leading With My Chin” LENO
___-daisy! UPSY
Like thinking about thinking META
Bill fatteners PORK
Material for a warm sweater MOHAIR
Ancient markets AGORAS
F.D.R.’s last veep HST
La Brea goo TAR
Reggae grew from it SKA
Meaty lobster part TAIL
iPad ___ MINI
Picnic Pulitzer winner William INGE
Bottles marked with a skull and crossbones POISONS
Former Dodge OMNI
Stereo component TUNER
Attachments to juice boxes STRAWS
Call from Juliet OROMEO
Bahamian capital NASSAU
College honcho PREXY
Hall’s partner in pop OATES
Dr. or Mr. TITLE
Some along the Somme DES
Office PC connection LAN
Paris’s ___ de Rivoli RUE
Heavenly object ORB
Collection of bets POT
Bottom topper? TALC
Oh ___! SNAP
Terminal info ETAS
[Oh well] SIGH
Attempts STABS
Tirade RANT
*Great Plains plaints? PRAIRIEOYS
Late hours in ads NITE
Better safe than sorry and others MAXIMS
Caf� lightener LECHE
Did home work? UMPED
*”Get Silverstein on the phone now!” GIMMESHEL
Caterpillar’s Illinois home PEORIA
As per schedule ONTIME
*Command like “Let me be direct: Get lost!”? STRAIGHTSHOO
Chin-wag YAK
City destroyed by Godzilla OSAKA
You’re oversharing! TMI
*Cramps from posing too long? PORTRAITPAIN
California wine valley SONOMA
Supreme Court action RULING
*Teach Dick and Jane’s dog new tricks? TRAINSPOT
I kid you not! NOLIE
Martini & ___ ROSSI
Like refrigerators at times RAIDED
Are not! rejoinder AMSO
Opening at the post office … or when read as three words a hint to the answers to the starred clues LETTERDROP
Withdraw slowly WEAN
Leaps on the ice AXELS
Commercial lead-in to pass EURO
___-chef SOUS
Where Kellogg’s is “K” NYSE
Visa concern DEBT