The wildcats of the big east conference crossword clue

2/5/17 New York Times Crossword Answers

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%: Abbr PCT
How’s it hangin’?’ SUP
No worries’ ITSOK
Same with me’ IAGREE
16-ounce container POINT
2013 best seller by Sheryl Sandberg LEANIN
Aid after a computer crash say ITHELP
Also-ran in 2000 NADER
Cab destination? WINCE
Change from black-and-white COLORIZE
Classical musician with a Presidential Medal of Freedom YOYOMA
Click ‘Going’ on a Facebook event e.g RSVP
Cubs’ home DEN
Easy-to-carry telescope SPAY
Fix as an election RIG
Geneticist’s study DNA
Geometric toy whose sides change depending on how it’s folded FLEXAGON
Gray squirrel in slang TREERAT
Heavy weight TON
Highlighter shades NEONS
It helps you achieve balance INNEREAR
Less safe for a plane landing in a way FOGGIER
Material commonly used during cathedral construction STRAINED
Moretz of ‘Carrie’ CHLOE
Mosaic pieces TESSERAE
Move hastily HIE
Overcome a certain career barrier … or what the answers to the starred clues do? BREAKTHEGLASSCEILING
Part of a stock exchange? MOO
Pennsylvania vacation locale with ‘the’ POCONOS
Performs biblically DOETH
Permeates IMBUES
Pinnacles ACMES
Pokey’s pal on TV GUMBY
Primitive timer STAND
Pub vessel ABLE
Question after a photo finish DIDIWIN
Rage IRE
Reply to ‘No offense’ NONETAKEN
Running a bit behind LATISH
Send elsewhere for the night as a roommate in modern lingo SEXILE
Sheena who sang ‘U Got the Look’ with Prince EASTON
Sidney Poitier’s 1980 autobiography THISLIFE
Spanish she-bear OSA
They’re measured by pluviometers RAINS
When soap operas first flourished RADIOERA