The wildcats of the big east conference crossword clue

2/24/17 New York Times Crossword Answers

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Orientation letters? LGBTQ
Orientation aid ARROW
River that Henry Miller likened to “a great artery running through the human body” SEINE
Golden Horde member TATAR
They may be stored in towers CDS
Match noise RAH
Darth Vader’s childhood nickname ANI
Darling of literature WENDY
It’s between Navarre and Catalonia ARAGON
Co-star of a #1 TV show for four seasons in the 1950s DESIARNAZ
Yes agreed IDO
Attacks medieval-style TILTSAT
Things picked up by the perceptive VIBES
High-five go-withs maybe YOS
Certain white-collar criminal KITER
Pinheads DODOS
Angioplasty device STENT
Like cartoondom’s Peter Griffin or Chief Wiggum OBESE
Once-ler’s opponent in children’s literature LORAX
Rush hour on the airwaves DRIVETIME
Their grilles have trident ornaments MASERATIS
Actor Auberjonois and others RENES
Upper class SENIORS
Wickerwork material OSIER
Co. with the longtime slogan “Live well” GNC
Joe Blow STIFF
Broadcasts EMITS
From one’s earliest days NATAL
Where the Linear A script was unearthed CRETE
Was immoral ERRED
Lawyer’s title: Abbr. ESQ
Beads on petals DEW
Were present? ARE
Spike in direction LEE
Say 12-Down WED
Take a while to wear off LAST
Bird food holder CRAW
Allow through ADMIT
It Is Never Too Late to Mend novelist 1856 READE
The Fab Four kicked it off BRITISHINVASION
Like many sub-Saharan languages TONAL
What often follows grace DIGIN
Their tops can produce “power output” QWERTYKEYBOARDS
Nitrogen source for plants SOIL
Put in firmly ENROOT
Michelangelo and others OLDMASTERS
With nothing on NUDE
Title mankini wearer in a 2006 film BORAT
Woman often depicted 34-Across by 29-Across EVE
Didn’t release SATON
Astronomical discovery initially called Xena ERIS
Ingredient in some mulled wine ORANGEZEST
File menu option SAVEAS
Locale of Franklin County … or of Aretha Franklin’s birth: Abbr. TENN
Music direction to stop playing TACET
Celebrity astrologer Sydney ___ OMARR
Usually anonymous newspaper worker EDITORIALWRITER
They’re more important than quarters SEMIS
Bavaria per part of its official name FREESTATE
Seahawks stadium name before 2011 QWEST
Twitter feature FEED
Something pulled uphill SLED