The wildcats of the big east conference crossword clue

2/21/17 New York Times Crossword Answers

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Opera set in Egypt AIDA
Trail mix GORP
Parks and Recreation star AMYPOEHLER
And there it is! VOILA
And so on and so forth ETCETC
Generic name for a herding dog SHEP
Congers e.g. SEAEELS
Sharable PC file PDF
Invisible emanations AURAS
___ Organa (“Star Wars” princess) LEIA
Having an open delicate pattern LACY
Chests in synagogues ARKS
Ultimatum’s end ORELSE
Societal troubles ILLS
Barfly SOT
Explanatory Latin phrase IDEST
Physicist Alessandro inventor of the electric battery VOLTA
Grab a bite EAT
Nuclear reactor ATOMICPILE
Went leisurely downriver perhaps TUBED
Recasts damaging information in a favorable light say SPINS
Plane hijacker AIRPIRATE
How freelance work is typically done ONSPEC
Pup : wolf :: ___ : fox KIT
Expert PRO
Source of healthful fatty acids in a StarKist can TUNAOIL
Exploiter USER
Absorbs as gravy SOPSUP
5-7-5 verse HAIKU
Wordlessly implied TACIT
Batty DAFT
Sicken with sentiment CLOY
Per person APOP
Garment draped over the shoulders TOGA
Draws to a close ENDS
Be at leisure REST
Neither here ___ there NOR
Plants used to make tequila AGAVES
Health resort amenity SPA
Penne ___ vodka ALLA
Flying insect with prominent eyespots IOMOTH
University address ender EDU
Painful muscle injury TEAR
Frozen CO2 familiarly DRYICE
Grooming accessory that may be stuck in the hair AFROPICK
Classic American dessert APPLEPIE
Lays out neatly ARRAYS
Granola morsel OAT
___ already said too much IVE
Smaller cousin of the double bass CELLO
Would-be attorneys’ hurdles briefly LSATS
Qatari capital DOHA
Like some profs. ASST
Frame job SETUP
Cass of the Mamas & the Papas ELLIOT
Obi-Wan ___ (Jedi knight) KENOBI
Taking no guff STERN
Spitting sound PTUI
Federal tax agts. TMEN
Rain delay covers TARPS
Undergoes oxidation RUSTS
Driver’s licenses and such for short IDS
BlackBerry alternative IPHONE
Sans prescription in brief OTC
Washington and environs informally DCAREA
Material to sketch on ARTPAPER
Michael Corleone player in “The Godfather” ALPACINO
Relating to songbirds OSCINE
Take care of as the bill FOOT
Ornamental pond fish KOI
Trade associations GUILDS
Genre TYPE
www address URL
Exam for an ambitious H.S. student … or what this puzzle has been? APTEST