The wildcats of the big east conference crossword clue

2/11/17 New York Times Crossword Answers

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Satiny quality LUSTER
Be a wannabe ASPIRE
Netted in a way SEINED
Key figure in saving New York City from bankruptcy EDKOCH
GPS generation: Abbr. RTE
Something needed to raise the bar? TOLL
Not miss ___ ABEAT
You don’t say! GEEWHIZ
Old map abbr. SSR
Squats strengthen them QUADS
___ a broken heart: Dickinson UNTO
You don’t say! IDECLARE
Just deserts for misconduct BADKARMA
Salted away? SEASONED
Part of many a submarine SALAMI
Rent actor Diggs TAYE
Shouts heard at a rodeo WAHOOS
Hot Wheels product TOYCAR
How stupid am I! DOH
Have no accomplice ACTALONE
Response to “Not now” often WHENTHEN
Perception KEN
Things weighed in pounds? PUPS
Distinctive features of tamago gohan servings in Japanese cuisine RAWEGGS
Clip say ATTACH
Palliate SOOTHE
Like some catches and crashes MIDAIR
Keeper of the flame? SCONCE
Tell me more DOSAY
Unit of rain or ice SHEET
Ship or plane part HOLD
Virginia willow’s genus ITEA
Covers with some rolls TPS
It’s way over your head SKY
Short write-ups SQUIBS
Time was … USEDTOBE
Treat eaten with a spoon SUNDAE
2007 N.A.A.C.P. Image Award winner for “Inside Man” SPIKELEE
Top-notch RATEDA
Baseball’s Martinez TINO
They’re on the books LAWS
Deducts from DOCKS
Like a zebra’s mane ERECT
D�tentes THAWS
Language traditionally written without spaces between words LAO
Cardinal topper REDHAT
Wharf workers’ grp. ILA
Nuts! DARN
Holy cow! YOWZAH
Her ___ (“Miss Saigon” song) ORME
Resident of the Corn State HAWKEYE
Challenge for a barber MOPHEAD
Lovesickness e.g. ACHE
1973 Tony nominee for “A Little Night Music” CARIOU
Power-packed engine VTEN
___ comparison ASA
Contractual problems? SPASMS
The end of Caesar? EAN
Barrymore and more DREWS
Not easily moved STOIC
E’en if ALTHO
City on Utah Lake LEHI
One of two party leaders COHOST
Browns in a way GETSATAN
Full circuit ONELAP
High-rise pants and horn-rimmed glasses say GEEKCHIC
Deliciously Different sloganeer WENDYS
Sit tight STAYHERE