The wildcats of the big east conference crossword clue

1/31/17 New York Times Crossword Answers

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Help at the entrance to a mall MAP
Aladdin’s monkey ABU
Courage in battle GALLANTRY
Basketball Hall-of-Famer Dan ISSEL
Plush fabric CHENILLE
Eyebrow’s shape roughly ARC
Criticize severely ROAST
Skillful ADROIT
Peanut for one LEGUME
One of the A’s in N.A.A.C.P.: Abbr. ASSN
Roomie COHAB
Woman who sings “Burn” in “Hamilton” ELIZA
Affix again as a badge REPIN
Word before air fire or water OPEN
Tolerated STOOD
Hearty drink QUAFF
Willing to do UPFOR
Everyone in Dixie YALL
Give a lickin’ TAN
___ your lip! ZIP
First winner of horse racing’s Triple Crown 1919 SIRBARTON
Disguised briefly INCOG
Staring AGAZE
Item that might be fervently wanted by a prisoner KEY
Start of an idea GERM
President after Grant HAYES
Encroach on someone’s land TRESPASS
The Simpsons bus driver OTTO
That’s a fine ___ of fish! KETTLE
Devon cathedral city EXETER
Rod Stewart’s “Maggie May” e.g. BSIDE
Had title to OWNED
Work on a loom WEAVE
Hawk’s hook TALON
Maki temaki or uramaki SUSHI
Black in poetry EBON
Prefix with planet EXO
Now ___ seen it all! IVE
Just-minted NEW
Pulling a rabbit out of a hat e.g. MAGIC
Kazakhstan’s ___ Sea ARAL
Computer company with the slogan “Explore beyond limits” ACER
Embarrass ABASH
Was a passenger RODE
It’s always getting stepped on SOLE
Sign of life PULSE
*Vessel with a large hold CARGOSHIP
Camera part LENS
Seinfeld stock character? SOUPNAZI
*What a family spends together at the dinner table QUALITYTIME
Competitor of Secret BAN
Predecessor of the CW UPN
Mauna ___ LOA
Scout’s shelter TENT
Back on a boat AFT
Hilarity in Internet-speak LOLZ
One side of the Pacific ASIA
*Branches in a storm? FORKEDLIGHTNING
6’11” Channing of the N.B.A. FRYE
Partridge’s tree in a Christmas song PEAR
Color TV pioneer RCA
Put together as a team YOKE
Ham on ___ RYE
Singer Scaggs with the 1976 hit “Lowdown” BOZ
Front of a boat BOW
*Its arrival may be signaled by a ding TEXTMESSAGE
So-called “house wine of the South” SWEETTEA
What you might use when you say “Giddyup!” SPUR
Words that can follow the ends of the answers to the starred clues INABOTTLE
Sean who played Mikey in “The Goonies” ASTIN
Band with the hit “Whip It” DEVO
Pope who excommunicated Martin Luther LEOX
Elbow maybe SHOVE
Garden of ___ EDEN
Puzzlemaker Rubik ERNO
Strength SINEW