The wildcats of the big east conference crossword clue

1/24/17 New York Times Crossword Answers

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Oh goody! HOTDOG
Peter with eight Academy Award nominations (and sadly zero wins) OTOOLE
___ Globes GOLDEN
iPad downloads APPS
Silent prez CAL
___ Maria TIA
W.W. II Allied landing site in Italy ANZIO
Philatelist’s buy STAMP
Polaroid e.g. PIC
Part of the brain believed to control emotion AMYGDALA
Neptune’s Greek counterpart POSEIDON
Big name in car parts AUTOZONE
Capts.’ inferiors LTS
Booty LOOT
Rocket launch site PAD
Taunt JEER
On the Waterfront director Kazan ELIA
I’m not kidding! REALLY
Cincinnati-to-Philadelphia dir. ENE
1974 top 10 foreign-language hit ERESTU
Double-___ recession DIP
Repeated word for word PARROTED
The Vampire Chronicles author ANNERICE
The “them” in “Let them eat cake” PEASANTS
Restaurant freebie ROLL
The “thing” to Hamlet PLAY
Cut (off) LOP
Letters on many ambulances EMS
King of comedy ALAN
Mars for example WARGOD
Give in (to) ACCEDE
Guards at Buckingham Palace YEOMEN
One of the Three Musketeers ATHOS
Singer Mary J. ___ BLIGE
___ Verde National Park MESA
Guru’s title SRI
Tricked but good GOT
Dr. who co-founded Beats Electronics DRE
Actress Susan DEY
Harley-Davidson bike in slang HOG
Assume the role of ACTAS
Like Vatican affairs PAPAL
Plains tribe name OTO
Emulate Picasso or Pollock PAINT
Too rich for my blood IMOUT
Place to pay the going rate? TOLLPLAZA
Skin abnormalities CYSTS
Dummies DODOS
Dennis the Menace for one IMP
Former G.M. compact GEO
Margarine OLEO
Put at risk JEOPARDIZE
Affectedly polite GENTEEL
Exactly right DEADON
Former Nevada senator Harry REID
How Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic ALONE
Something that might be thrown behind a teacher’s back PAPERAIRPLANE
Bowling venue LANES
Input for POLL
Like Baroque architecture ORNATE
Purchase payment plan LAYAWAY
In all probability PRESUMABLY
Add punch to as the punch LACE
___ pro nobis ORA
Cardinal’s insignia STL
Florida senator Rubio MARCO
O death where is thy ___?: I Corinthians STING
Masterpiece waiting to be found … or a hint to the words in the circled letters HIDDENGEM
Right-hand page of an open book RECTO
People eaters maybe OGRES
Work of Horace ODE
Namely in Latin IDEST
Toodles SEEYA
Room with an easy chair DEN