The wildcats of the big east conference crossword clue

1/22/17 New York Times Crossword Answers

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Bluecoat COP
Only woman to sing lead vocals on a Beatles song ONO
Darn things SEW
Sierra ___ MADRE
Drink commonly served with a spoon-straw ICEE
H.O.V. lane user CARPOOLER
Farm females SOWS
Lateral opening? TRI
Chest pain ANGINA
Grist for analysts RAWDATA
Californie e.g. ETAT
Gaming giant SEGA
I to Izaak ICH
Word for a name-dropper? NEE
1960s sitcom set in the 1860s FTROOP
From one side to the other LENGTHWISE
Kind of history ORAL
Grammy-winning drummer ___ Lyne Carrington TERRI
Lorna of literature DOONE
Opposite of ruddy PALLID
Thyroid need IODINE
Embrace ADOPT
Bus. card info PHONENO
N.L. Central squad on scorecards CIN
Don’t work too hard LOAF
Half of a swinging couple? JANE
Alternative to Cinemax TMC
That’ll be the day! HAH
Take responsibility for something OWNIT
Atheist’s lack PIETY
Place to hang tools PEGBOARD
Leave a good impression? ETCH
One lifting spirits? TOASTER
Jet measure WINGSPAN
Think tank product IDEA
Chi follower PSI
Diesel in movies VIN
Shivering fit AGUE
Key locale: Abbr. FLA
They’ll take your measure TAILORS
Manhattan e.g.: Abbr. ISL
They’re dubbed SIRS
Mullally of “Will & Grace” MEGAN
Hard to tell apart ALIKE
Informal measures of popularity STRAWPOLLS
It lies between Cleveland O. and Buffalo N.Y. ERIEPA
Made out NECKED
Showy in a cheap way TACKY
Salmon roe by another name REDCAVIAR
Don’t worry about me! IMOK
Await resolution PEND
Relative of “Aargh!” ACK
Wetland FEN
Measly amount SOU
Guitar Hero activity RIFFING
Wolf (down) SNARF
Mantle e.g. YANKEE
Some vaults CRYPTS
Like cats typically AGILE
Secure spots SAFES
Certain steel beam IBAR
Racer Yarborough CALE
Fig. on a periodic table ATWT
Mrs. abroad FRAU
Bedouin shelter TENT
___ facto IPSO
Common thing to lie about AGE
___ Yost 2015 World Series-winning manager NED
Mauna ___ LOA
Poland’s main airline LOT
Start of the Lord’s Prayer OUR
Education support grp. PTA
Inconceivably vast COSMIC
Hard looks STARES
Stream as of revenue INFLOW
Baseball-like game ONEACAT
Flowery ORNATE
Witty British judge? POWDEREDWIGWAG
Conquistador Cort�s HERNAN
Copies informally REPROS
It shows who’s who or what’s what IDTAG
Perform a full-body scan? OGLE
Pizza e.g. PIE
Quest of 25-Across ORO
Ortiz of “Ugly Betty” ANA
Site of Spaceship Earth EPCOT
Language akin to Thai LAO
Three-legged race e.g.? JOINEDATTHEHIPHOP
School chum say OLDPAL
Mr. Blue Sky band for short ELO
World’s most voluminous river AMAZON
Chapter in early 20th-century history: Abbr. WWI
Property inheritor legally speaking ALIENEE
On point APT
Julie of TV’s “Big Brother” CHEN
One of the most civilized things in the world per Hemingway WINE
Consider anew as a decision REVISIT
Girl with a ball DEB
Sound investments in more ways than one CDS
___ Minor ASIA
Hindi word for “spice mix” MASALA
Brief second? ASST
___ generis SUI
Theological inst. SEM
What Cubs fans get carried away by? ELTRAIN
Grant a girl permission to dis Drake? LETHERRIPRAP
Fortify GIRD
Page (through) LEAF
1990s Indian P.M. RAO
Week on Martinique SEMAINE
Alias inits. AKA
Game for the goal-oriented? SOCCER
Keeps in the loop in a way CCS
Worn out DONEIN
Ability to score at Madison Square Garden e.g.? NEWYORKKNICKKNACK
Mouse’s resting place PAD
Take a timeout PAUSE
French ___ FRY
Title at Topkapi Palace AGA
Egg container SAC
Religious image ICON
Piano dueler with Donald in 1988’s “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” DAFFY
Quiz bowl fodder TRIVIA
Like Serbia and Croatia BALKAN
Diving disaster? TRIPLEFLIPFLOP
Maintain ALLEGE
Gently show the door EASEOUT
Give a new tournament ranking RESEED
Pulls on as heartstrings TUGSAT
Speakers’ spots ROSTRA