The wildcats of the big east conference crossword clue

1/16/17 New York Times Crossword Answers

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Ah now it’s clear’ ISEE
Alas …’ SADLY
Goodnight’ girl of song IRENE
Halt!’ STOP
Hop to it!’ GETBUSY
Penny Dreadful’ channel for short SHO
___ the night before Christmas …’ TWAS
10 things in an Olympic swimming pool LANES
1960s dance craze TWIST
Abbr. before an alias AKA
Aide: Abbr ASST
Alternative to bubble wrap PEANUTS
Ancient Peruvian INCA
Apparatus pulled by oxen PLOW
Arrested suspect informally PERP
British ref. work OED
Co-ops maybe: Abbr APTS
Common Core dept EDUC
Completely … with a summation of 17- 30- and 47-Across SIXWAYSTOSUNDAY
Cowboy’s workplace RANCH
Cushiony SOFT
Daisies and dahlias FLOWERS
Dove’s sound COO
Duck-hunting attire informally CAMO
Eight: Sp OCHO
Eye part with the iris UVEA
Falafel bread PITA
French seasoning SEL
Freshly painted WET
Given to crying WEEPY
Golfer’s gouge DIVOT
Grp. that includes Iraq and Qatar OPEC
Have a mortgage e.g OWE
Highly classified TOPSECRET
Inquisitive NOSY
Intestinal fortitude informally GUTS
Larsson who wrote ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ STIEG
Lavish party favors SWAG
Lebanese city that was once the center of Phoenician civilization TYRE
Like four-leaf clovers supposedly LUCKY
Lipton products TEABAGS
Missouri river or tribe OSAGE
Most-wanted groups for parties ALISTS
Nut popular in ice cream PECAN
Nut-bearing tree BEECH
One who gives tips (and gets tips?) at a country club PRO
Other: Sp OTRA
Pizazz BRIO
Play about Capote TRU
Poet Robert who spoke at J.F.K.’s inauguration FROST
Polling bias SKEW
Prop for a golf ball TEE
Rare occurrence on ‘Jeopardy!’ THREEWAYTIE
Readily accept EATUP
Roma’s country ITALIA
Scissor cut SNIP
Sharpen as skills HONE
Sheet on a mast SAIL
Sign of a beaver’s activity maybe TREESTUMP
Sign of a well-worn trail RUT
Slippery as winter roads ICY
Something that may be hidden behind a framed picture WALLSAFE
Stairs STEPS
Stomach woe ULCER
Syringe for short HYPO
Table tennis PINGPONG
Thin but strong WIRY
Toy on a string KITE
Transmitted SENT
W.W. II foe AXIS
Walkie-talkie TWOWAYRADIO
___ Longstocking girl of children’s literature PIPPI