The wildcats of the big east conference crossword clue

1/1/17 New York Times Crossword Answers

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Antigone’ antagonist CREON
Brilliant!’ GREAT
I didn’t know that!’ GEE
Mind … blown!’ WHOA
Pretty please?’ CANTI
Still after all this time …’ EVENNOW
Swan Lake’ role ODETTE
That Latin Beat!’ bandleader CUGAT
Actor with the line ‘Gentlemen you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room!’ SELLERS
Advantage EDGE
Apothecary’s container VIAL
Attach as a patch SEWON
Attacks from above STRAFES
Beverage with a floral bouquet ROSETEA
Bounds LEAPS
Boy’s name that’s an Indiana city GARY
Brazilian supermodel Bündchen GISELE
Build up as interest ACCRUE
Calrissian of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ LANDO
Candy known for its orange wrapping REESES
Capital of Belarus MINSK
Capitol group USHSENATE
Card game cry UNO
Companion of Han in ‘The Force Awakens’ REY
Corporation’s head tech expert for short CIO
Degree in math NTH
Designer Saarinen EERO
Developer’s purchase LOT
Drone regulator for short FAA
Early explosive device PETARD
Elephant pluckers of myth ROCS
Epic singers BARDS
Exam with a section known as ‘Logic Games’ for short LSAT
Exclusive event before public availability PRESALE
Farmer’s market alternative GROCERYHSTORE
Fawn’s mother DOE
Fighting tooth and nail ATWAR
Fill in for ACTAS
Fits snugly NESTS
Flaky minerals MICAS
Fog might push it back briefly ETD
Game box specification AGES
George Eliot title surname MARNER
Gets bogged down MIRES
Giraffe-like beast OKAPI
Glue trap brand DCON
Go-to choice slangily FAVE
Gruesome MACABRE
H.O.V. ___ LANE
Hawaiian ‘thanks’ MAHLO
Hedge fund pro ARB
Home of the Triple-A Mud Hens TOLEDO
Imitates Sylvester the Cat LISPS
Immense spans EONS
Indra to Hindus RAINGOD
Instruments played close to the chest informally UKES
It comes in tubes RIGATONI
It lays out the lines of authority ORGCHRT
Japanese ‘thanks’ ARIGATO
John Glenn player in ‘The Right Stuff’ EDHRRIS
Judge’s seat BANC
Kicks back RESTS
Kind of fiber MORAL
Left speechless AMAZED
Like an unswept hearth ASHY
Like some salsa VERDE
Made peak calls? YODELED
Magic Johnson for one LAKER
Main stem STALK
Marching band? ANTS
Marquee locale MOVIEHTHEATER
Meteorological lead-in to stratus ALTO
Miles away NOTNEAR
Mischievous sort RASCAL
Mrs. in Montreux MME
Muss up TOUSLE
Muzzle GAG
Nag to death BADGER
Nautical sealer TAR
Not stay on topic RAMBLE
On the down-low COVERT
One end of Paris’s Champs-Élysées ARCHWAY
One who knows all the shortcuts maybe LOCAL
Passenger jet AIRHLINER
Place for bows and strings ORCHESTRAHHALL
Players last produced in July 2016 VCRS
Pope with the longest reign between St. Peter and Pius VI (A.D. 67-1799) ADRIANI
Post-op program REHB
Pulled off DID
Quarters followers SEMIS
Quinze + quinze TRENTE
Rap group inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016 NWA
Resolutely supported STOODBY
Results of treaties ALLIANCES
Running figure TALLY
Rural postal abbr RTE
Samberg and Serkis ANDYS
See 19-Down TEST
Sénégal summers ETES
She in Spanish ELLA
Show anxiety in a way PACE
Sin of those in Dante’s fifth circle ANGER
Slogs away LABORS
Something to tear into informally? HNKIE
Straight man STOOGE
Takes from page to screen say ADAPTS
They may be sealed or broken RECORDS
They’re found in veins ORES
Things always underfoot INSOLES
Tolkien meanie ORC
Tort basis HARM
Totally captivates GRIPS
University associated with the Carter Center EMORY
Unmitigated UTTER
Vegan sandwich filler SPROUTS
Venice-to-Trieste dir ENE
Vital lines AORTAE
Vitamin Shoppe competitor GNC
Volunteer State sch TSU
Washroom feature BASIN
Weapon in some Call of Duty games UZI
West Coast city known as the Track and Field Capital of the World EUGENE
What might cost you an arm and a leg? PIRANH
Winter fall? AVALANCHE
With 25-Down financial regulator’s requirement STRESS
Worked as a stockbroker TRADED
Worthiness MERIT
Wrap up around ENDAT
Yemeni capital RIAL
Zig or zag SLUE
___ Paulo SAO