12/30/16 LA Times Crossword Answers

2/19/17 LA Times Crossword Answers

Thank you for choosing our site! We have just finished solving all the 2/19/17 LA Times Crossword clues and we have decided to share with you below. In case something is wrong or missing kindly leave a comment below and one of our staff members will be more than happy to help you out. Please note that this crossword puzzle is part of the daily LA Times Crossword.


Mouth Healthy org. ADA
Lineal beginner MATRI
Gibbons e.g. APES
__ palm BETEL
Long and drawn-out say TORTUROUS
Meredith Grey’s half sister on “Grey’s Anatomy” LEXIE
14th-century Russian ruler IVANI
Some pool English? SIDESPINEFFECTS
Save Me the Waltz writer Fitzgerald ZELDA
Vote in ELECT
The Fountainhead author Rand AYN
More agile SPRYER
Two by two INPAIRS
Shoebox letters EEE
Chess pieces MEN
Holds (up) PROPS
Regular stockings as opposed to fishnets? GARDENVARIETYHOSE
Old DJs’ assortment LPS
Same for starters EQUI
Military wear for short CAMO
Courted WOOED
Logan of “60 Minutes” LARA
One in a rib cage LUNG
Sends out EMITS
Fuller House actor SAGET
Word for a lady SHE
PC file extension EXE
Wish Tree artist ONO
Snowfall during the Olympics? WINTERGAMESCOAT
It’s the Hard-Knock Life soloist ANNIE
Vulcans for one ALIENRACE
Biker’s invite HOPON
Skip it PASS
Gentle KIND
Territories of a sort TURFS
Writer __ Neale Hurston ZORA
Samarra’s land IRAQ
Use (up) EAT
Doghouses and scratching posts? PETPEOPLEPROJECTS
White choice familiarly CHARD
Deli option RYE
Texting qualifier IMO
Nickname in satirical music WEIRDAL
Transferred to computer memory READIN
__ tai MAI
Goal for a teacher’s pet? GOLDSTARRECORD
DVD player option EJECT
Paragon IDEAL
Subscription deal promos … and a hint to this puzzle’s seven other longest answers MAGAZINEINSERTS
Punk e.g. GENRE
Bologna bride SPOSA
Cry from Poirot SACREBLEU
Jane Austen specialty IRONY
Cabinet dept. with an atom on its seal ENER
Cabinet dept. first led by Hamilton TREAS
Op-__ EDS
Hopelessly lost ATSEA
Tatted covering DOILY
Eve who played the principal in “Grease” films ARDEN
Exuberant review term MUSTSEE
Dadaist Jean ARP
Paris pronoun TOI
Show for quick feedback RUNBY
Val d’__: French ski resort ISERE
Two before Charlie ALFA
Sneak a look at PEEKINTO
Former pen pal? EXCON
Exercise done from a supine position SITUP
Unusually strange BIZARRE
Powder source TALC
Köln closing ENDE
Defense attorney’s challenge LIAR
Gumshoe TEC
¿Cómo __? ESTA
Eponymous physicist FERMI
Potluck fare DIPS
What “p” may stand for PENCE
Completely make over REVAMP
Hatched backup PLANB
Comes together GELS
Cyan relative AQUA
Tolled RUNG
The Kite Runner boy AMIR
Unleavened Indian flatbread ROTI
Hindu mystic YOGI
Place of control HELM
Jon Arbuckle’s dog ODIE
__ City: Baghdad suburb SADR
Tangy treat LEMONPIE
Pirate shipmate of Starkey SMEE
__-Cat SNO
Sushi offering TUNA
At that point THEN
All My __ Live in Texas: George Strait hit EXS
Support pro TECH
Blunder ERR
Waterskiing hurdle WAKE
Hipbone-related ILIAC
Closers often open it NINTH
Post-WWII commerce agreement GATT
… __ o’ kindness … : Burns ACUP
Exude OOZE
Like some love affairs TORRID
DEA agent NARC
Attends ISAT
Law office abbreviations ESQS
Supermodel Campbell NAOMI
Empty storefront sign FORLEASE
Secret agent SPY
Are You Lonesome Tonight? singer PRESLEY
Blue-pencil EDIT
Vive __! LEROI
Generic trendsetters JONESES
Oh shucks AWDARN
Super Bowl XXXIV champions RAMS
Incandescent bulb gas ARGON
Young partner ERNST
Be __ … ADEAR
Haggard of country MERLE
Didn’t procrastinate ACTED
Chorused “Who’s there?” response ITSUS
1958 winner of nine Oscars GIGI
Polish-German border river ODER
Fallon’s predecessor LENO
Kingpin CZAR
Bush in Florida JEB
Curling surface ICE
Second Amendment org. NRA