12/30/16 LA Times Crossword Answers

1/8/17 LA Times Crossword Answers

Thank you for choosing our site! We have just finished solving all the 1/8/17 LA Times Crossword clues and we have decided to share with you below. In case something is wrong or missing kindly leave a comment below and one of our staff members will be more than happy to help you out. Please note that this crossword puzzle is part of the daily LA Times Crossword.


Get hot online GOVIRAL
Slithery squeezer BOA
San Francisco/Oakland separator BAY
Signature Southern vegetable OKRA
Treeless tract OPENAREA
High esteem RESPECT
Motley PIED
Basis for evaluating an archaeology dig? EARNINGSPERSHARD
Goodness gracious! EGAD
Wide Sargasso Sea author Jean RHYS
Chain founded by Ingvar Kamprad IKEA
2016 A.L. Manager of the Year Francona familiarly TITO
Heartthrob FLAME
Medicare segment PARTA
As to INRE
Called the shots LED
Warning to Bo Peep that her sheep are really hiding nearby? HERDSLOOKINGATYOUKID
The Sage of Concord EMERSON
Romeo or Juliet TEEN
South of France MIDI
Holds firmly RIVETS
Dilates WIDENS
Times for vespers EVES
Knock for a loop STUN
Schleps TOTES
When leaving the beach hose off your feet before putting on your shoes? SANDADVICE
Jiffs SECS
Slip cover DRESS
Yorkshire river OUSE
Bygone bird MOA
Must choose among less volatile investment options? HAVEABONDTOPICK
Bossy remark? MOO
Wine center NNE of Monaco ASTI
Flaw-spotting aid LOUPE
Canterbury’s county KENT
Infant dressed for rain? BABYBOOTED
Bas-relief medium GESSO
Dashed TORE
Cavaradossi’s “Recondita armonia” for one ARIA
Cooper’s creations STAVES
Green need PUTTER
Bring in REAP
Where Java may be found ASIA
Have a good day birding? FINDFEATHEREDFRIENDS
Pitcher’s pride ARM
Breaks RIFTS
Nursing a sprain perhaps GIMPY
Good going! NICE
Stunned accusation ETTU
Come together KNIT
Fever with chills AGUE
Paragraph in a lemon law? DUDPROCESSCLAUSE
Needle holder PINE
Espionage asset STEALTH
More frothy YEASTIER
River to the Fulda EDER
It’s used for some trips LSD
WWII venue ETO
__ step: deceptive hoops tactic STUTTER
Attendee GOER
Moonfish OPAH
Darned VERY
Quaint stopovers INNS
Italian counterpart of the BBC RAI
Prince Valiant’s son ARN
Onetime California oil town BREA
__ the fields we go OER
Kind of prof. ASST
Marching orders? BEATIT
Radar or laser ACRONYM
Accountant’s initialism YTD
European automaker that was originally a sewing machine company OPEL
Rwanda’s capital KIGALI
Didn’t just criticize REAMED
Put on ADDED
Invite for ASKTO
Honor society leader? PHI
Reach a high PEAK
Clan clash FEUD
Hey … over here! PSST
__ good name is ne’er retriev’d: John Gay ALOST
King of France ROI
His to Bierce HERS
Gives off EMITS
Variety show REVUE
Yea verily ITISSO
Outlaw Kelly NED
Thug’s thousands GEES
The King and I role ANNA
City on the Dnieper KIEV
Winning Super Bowl III coach Ewbank WEEB
Busybodies SNOOPS
Get-up-and-go VIM
Foucault’s Pendulum author ECO
Yellow __ SEA
Start of a tribute ODETO
Pride and prejudice TRAITS
Faulkner’s “__ Lay Dying” ASI
Card collection DECK
Car from Trollhättan SAAB
NBC show since 1975 SNL
After-dinner drink letters VSO
Literary fold DOGEAR
Third of seven: Abbr. TUES
Fine holder of fish? KETTLE
Wharton deg. MBA
Crew member OAR
Kimono closer OBI
Away from the office NOTIN
In a tough spot TREED
It’s a long story YARN
South Dakota to Pierre ETAT
Pizzazz DASH
Eyeball-bending work OPART
Drops the ball ERRS
Go (for) VIE
1999 “A God in Ruins” novelist URIS
Go around in circles? EDDY
It’s south of Eur. AFR
Small change PEANUTS
Standoffish FRIGID
Protected as from prosecution IMMUNE
Put up with ABIDED
Art Deco artist ERTE
Scatterbrained DITSY
Slack-jawed AGAPE
House of Lords member PEER
Balancing pro CPA
Agatha contemporary ERLE
Bounce back ECHO
Nicky of “Boston Public” KATT
Jour’s opposite NUIT
Got it ISEE
Amer. Samoa e.g. TERR
ISP alternative DSL
Polo Grounds legend OTT
Be-bopper CAT
The Tigers of the SEC LSU