12/30/16 LA Times Crossword Answers

1/15/17 LA Times Crossword Answers

Thank you for choosing our site! We have just finished solving all the 1/15/17 LA Times Crossword clues and we have decided to share with you below. In case something is wrong or missing kindly leave a comment below and one of our staff members will be more than happy to help you out. Please note that this crossword puzzle is part of the daily LA Times Crossword.


Put away the leftovers? EAT
Stagecoach shout WHOA
Like much brandy AGED
Avian water source BIRDBATH
Heated dispute RHUBARB
Go ballistic RAVE
Cheese tray displays? BRIEARRANGEMENTS
Scientologist Hubbard LRON
X-Men co-creator Lee STAN
Full of holes POROUS
GPS info RTE
Screwdriver component VODKA
Jet black ONYX
Prepare for the prom DRESS
Pastina relative ORZO
Moray or conger EEL
Repress GAG
Exams for future J.D.’s LSATS
One-customer link PER
Partners’ phrase YOUANDI
Bologna bone OSSO
Dirt cake ingredient OREO
Queen Victoria’s toy for short POM
Looks at BEHOLDS
Shaky IFFY
They may be good losers DIETERS
Coke by-product TAR
One-named “Skyfall” singer ADELE
Meager SCANT
Strip stake? BET
Lever in a limo GASPEDAL
Unspecified degree NTH
Cheesehead’s accessory? FETAINONESCAP
iPhone purchase APP
Abandoned buildings say EYESORES
D.C. insider POL
Raw bar selection CLAMS
Catkin producer ALDER
Half a dance CHA
My 60 Memorable Games author FISCHER
Change the decor of REDO
Diamond nickname THEBABE
Affliction WOE
Creamy color ECRU
Puffin relatives AUKS
Cheese graters? ROQUEFORTFILES
Bunch of clowns in a circus stunt say CARLOAD
Word of enjoyment YUM
Wipe out ERASE
__ been a puppet a pauper … : Sinatra lyric IVE
Foolery … does walk about the __ like the sun: Shakespeare ORB
Shell-shedding creature CRAB
Syrian president ASSAD
Title for Helen Mirren DAME
Make hay? MOW
Like the talus TARSAL
First name in desserts SARA
Idée __ FIXE
Twilight times EVES
Packs in a way ENCASES
Military encampment sight ARMYTENT
Take it easy REST
Prepare as dough for zeppole DEEPFRY
Early depictor of today’s Santa Claus NAST
Muddy quarters STY
Goes out EBBS
Like missiles in a dogfight AIRTOAIR
Percussion instrument TRIANGLE
Ring org. WBA
Instrument featured in “Waltz of the Flowers” HARP
Other to Quixote OTRO
Have a row ARGUE
Classic Southern dessert CHESSPIE
Summa __ laude CUM
Lyft competitor UBER
__ Domingo SANTO
Channel with many branches ARTERY
Avg. newborn’s 7.5 LBS
Alice’s Restaurant arrestee ARLO
Cheese-growing plot? GARDENOFEDAM
Summoned EVOKED
North America’s highest peak DENALI
Naysay DENY
Language of Oslo in Oslo NORSK
Paris pronoun VOUS
First year of Claudius’ reign XLI
Meyers of late-night TV SETH
Places staffed by vets ZOOS
Old Pontiac with a V8 engine GTO
Key holder in much religious artwork STPETER
Scads ALOT
Off-topic remark ASIDE
It’s often drawn through straws SODA
Clampett portrayer EBSEN
Forms into metallic waste SLAGS
Stoker creation briefly DRAC
Plane features FLAPS
Shepherd’s cry YELP
Likely to experience INFOR
Batting stat RBI
Brandy flavor APPLE
Distinctive manner STYLE
Cheese factory supplies? CHEDDARBOXES
Premier TOP
Potpourri holders SACHETS
Get close to NEAR
Debugging pro TECH
My Name Is __ Lev: Potok novel ASHER
Like some ATM withdrawals NOFEE
Cotton gin inventor Whitney ELI
East Asian capital SEOUL
Whose woods these __ think … : Frost AREI
Birth announcement words ABOY
Athos for one SWORDSMAN
The Last of the Mohicans sister CORA
Old Russian dynast TSAR
Blue-green color AQUA
Lead that misleads BUMSTEER
Subarctic and Mediterranean CLIMATES
Deferential REVERENT
What’s the ___? USE
NYC mayor after Beame KOCH
Therapy subjects FEARS
Gratified FED
Valuables holder COFFER
Brooklyn crooner Vic DAMONE
Italian bowling game BOCCE
Likely to talk back SASSY
Kind of D.A. ASST
Acid __ TEST
Sound of a blow WHAP
Ambient quality AURA
NASA lunar transports LEMS
Like some gallery patrons ARTY
Headed up LED
Bad check letters NSF
Ochs Sulzberger pub. NYT